Upcoming Events at MoMath

Math Encounters: “Just Math: How Math Provides Fairness and Balance in the Courtroom” with Leila Schneps
Wednesday, August 1, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Join author and mathematician Leila Schneps on an interactive exploration of mathematics in the courtroom. Take your seat as a member of the MoMath “jury” and make the best decision you can… then find out what the math says about your conclusions. Learn more and register at mathencounters.org. Plus, earn a free Math Encounters t-shirt… see friendme.momath.org.

Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Two Sigma: “The Art of Symmetry” with David Reimann
Friday, August 17, 6:30 pm

Symmetry is all around us — it naturally occurs in the human body and in animals; it’s designed into things like chairs, wallpaper, cars, and buildings; it’s an important feature of soccer balls and Platonic solids; it’s even a basic part of the MoMath logo! Now’s your chance to design your own symmetric art: join Albion College mathematics and computer science professor David Reimann, an artist who uses symmetry in his work, as he describes the different types of symmetry and guides us through an evening of fun mathematical creativity. Learn more and register at familyfridays.momath.org.

The Third Annual NYC Math Festival
Saturday, August 18, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at Fosun Plaza, 28 Liberty St.

Add a little math to your summer! MoMath is pleased to present the third annual NYC Math Festival on Saturday, August 18, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, providing a full day of math fun in the sun. Bring your friends and the entire family to Fosun Plaza at 28 Liberty St. and enjoy hands-on math exhibits, entertaining mathematical games, and intriguing puzzles and brainteasers. But that’s not all… the day will also include exciting performances, group constructions of giant geometric sculptures, and the largest bagel juggling event you’ve ever seen! Plus, take home a little bit of MoMath: we’ll be setting up an outpost of Additions, the shop at MoMath, for all your summer gift needs. For more information about this not-to-be-missed event, visit nycmath.momath.org.

Math Encounters: “Lost in Space: How Data and Information are Governed by High-Dimensional Geometry” with Henry Cohn
Wednesday, September 5, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Join MoMath and Henry Cohn, Microsoft Research principal researcher and MIT adjunct professor, for an in-depth discussion about data and high-dimensional geometry. More information and registration coming soon at mathencounters.org.

Blackjack 2 with Don Schlesinger
Thursday, September 6, 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Miss MoMath’s popular blackjack event last May? Here’s your second chance! Back by popular demand, blackjack expert Don Schlesinger will be running two sessions on September 6, the first a catch-up for those who need it, and the second an all-new event delving still deeper into the math of blackjack. Learn more and register at blackjack2.momath.org.

Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Two Sigma: “Impossible Tangles, Impossible Braids” with James Tanton
Friday, September 7, 6:30 pm

Let’s have some fun and do the impossible — multiple times! Let’s make braids that shouldn’t exist. Let’s untangle things that shouldn’t be untangled. And let’s demonstrate that sometimes two things are equivalent to zero things. Join world-renowned math educator James Tanton for some good, tangly, mathematical fun! Learn more and register at familyfridays.momath.org.

Good Reads this summer!
Begin reading now to take full advantage of these three exciting events, coming this September.

Losing the Nobel Prize: A book discussion with Brian Keating
Thursday, September 13, 7:00 pm

What would it have been like to be an eyewitness to the Big Bang? In 2014, astronomers wielding BICEP2, the most powerful cosmology telescope ever made, revealed that they’d glimpsed the spark that ignited the Big Bang. Millions around the world tuned in to the announcement broadcast live from Harvard University, immediately igniting rumors of an imminent Nobel Prize. But had these cosmologists truly read the cosmic prologue or, swept up in Nobel dreams, had they been deceived by a galactic mirage? Join MoMath and author Brian Keating to hear this story of cosmology, ambition, and the perils of science’s highest honor. Learn more and register for this free event at nobel.momath.org.

Volumes, the MoMath book club: When Einstein Walked with Gödel: Excursions to the Edge of Thought featuring author Jim Holt
Thursday, September 20, 6:30 pm

Join author Jim Holt and MoMath at Volumes, the MoMath book club, to discuss Jim’s book When Einstein Walked with Gödel: Excursions to the Edge of Thought. Does time exist? What is infinity? Why do mirrors reverse left and right but not up and down? In this scintillating collection of essays, Jim Holt explores the human mind, the cosmos, and the thinkers who have tried to encompass the latter with the former. Learn more and register at volumes.momath.org.

Hello World! with Hannah Fry
Tuesday, September 25, 6:00 pm

Don’t miss the return of the ever-popular Hannah Fry to MoMath! Back with her new book, HELLO WORLD: Being Human in the Age of Algorithms, UK-based mathematician and University College London senior lecturer Hannah Fry will consider the role of algorithms in automating important decisions in crime, healthcare, relationships, and money. Should we entrust ourselves to driverless cars? Are machines capable of producing great works of art? How do we balance the importance of making better medical diagnoses with the value of preserving privacy? Our increasing reliance on pre-defined, quantitative decision-making rules raises provocative questions about what we want our lives to look like. Learn more and register at helloworld.momath.org.

Coming Soon!
Register early to ensure your seat in these exciting events, coming this fall!

Maths on Stage, featuring Matt Parker
Tuesday, October 2, 10:00 am and 1:00 pm at the Baruch Performing Arts Center

Educators, do your students wonder: “What’s the point of algebra? Who on earth needs Pythagoras? And who cares about exponents?” Inspire your students — even the ones who don’t love math — with a large venue stage show on October 2 featuring some of the UK’s most entertaining math speakers. Register by July 13 for a discounted rate. Learn more and register at stage.momath.org.

The Math of Particle Physics, with James Beacham
Thursday, October 11, 6:30 pm

Don’t miss James Beacham’s visit to MoMath, this October 11. As a member of the ATLAS collaboration (one of the teams that discovered the Higgs boson in 2012) at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), James searches for evidence of new particles — dark matter, gravitons, dark photons, and exotic Higgs bosons among them — that could provide answers to the fundamental open questions of physics. Register now and take advantage of early bird pricing through July 31: particle.momath.org.

October 29-31 in Barcelona, Spain

Are you a math educator, mathematician, or science museum professional interested in math outreach? If so, the 2018 MATRIX conference may be for you! Join MoMath and our colleagues from MMACA and other math museums around the world for the third international conference on math outreach, taking place in lovely Barcelona, Spain, this October 29 through 31. For more information or to register, visit matrix.momath.org.

Metros and Metrics — Professional Development Day
Tuesday, November 6, 9:30 am

Educators, mark your calendars now for an exciting day of mathematical discovery this fall. Taxicabs, the NYC subway, and the British rail all serve as a backdrop for an exploration of bizarre alternative concepts of distance. Don’t miss this unusual day of hands-on professional development on November 6. Learn more and register at metro.momath.org.


Sign up now for 2018 Transformations summer camp at MoMath!

Rising first through ninth graders, spend the summer exploring the fun and beauty of mathematics with MoMath’s dynamic camp program. Campers come back year after year to discover the never-ending wonders of mathematics, so sign up early for a spot. This year, MoMath introduces the new Gammas level, exclusively for deep-diving seventh through ninth graders! To learn more, visit summercamp.momath.org.

Expansions: MoMath’s program to engage and challenge NYC’s brightest math students

Reinvent math class with Expansions, MoMath’s afternoon gifted program. Featuring programs for all mathematically gifted students currently enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade, Expansions workshops are designed and delivered by MoMath’s educational team to challenge and inspire students and to broaden their mathematical horizons. Apply now at expansions.momath.org.

Expansions offers sessions at several levels that are differentiated by mathematical experience rather than age. Admission is by application only. To learn more and apply, visit expansions.momath.org.

Weekend programs for families

Take a tour with MoMath’s new Derivatives tour program, or join one of MoMath’s specially-trained educators in Explorations, a hands-on classroom experience to discover the wonder of mathematics. Don’t miss your chance to see math in a whole new light, only at MoMath.

Events, birthday parties, and more

Looking to host a one-of-a-kind event where your guests can interact with over 40 engaging exhibits? Enter a world of mathematical intrigue, but don’t worry: amidst all the activity there is plenty of space for gala-worthy dinners, over-the-top birthday bashes, laser-cutting parties, and bar/bat mitzvahs. Who knew math could be this much fun? Email events@momath.org for more information.