Upcoming Events at MoMath

Million Millimeter March for MoMath
Who will be MoMath’s one millionth visitor?  Step through the pi-handled doors of MoMath in 2019 to see if it’s you!  Sign up now for the Million Millimeter March for MoMath and you’ll receive the secret instructions to join the March, held once the millionth visitor arrives.  Register at million.momath.org!

Solid Math: The art of shape, form, and structure
Now in Composite, the gallery at MoMath, through July 12
Free with Museum admission

Don’t miss the newest exhibition at MoMath, Solid Math, featuring sculptures based on the geometry of Platonic, Archimedean, and Catalan polyhedra.  The inherently precise nature and elegant symmetries of these mathematical forms have made them subjects of fascination for centuries.  Their geometry and unique structures provide the formal constraints as well as the rhythmic underpinnings for this unusual and engaging show.  Come see the art, create shapes inside a polyhedral kaleidoscope, and build your own polyhedra at the construction station.  Learn more at solidmath.momath.org.

MOVES 2019 Math Unfolded: The Mathematical Art of Origami — registration closes June 1!
August 4-6

Join MoMath in New York City for its fourth conference on the Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects, this year featuring Erik Demaine and Robert Lang.  The MOVES 2019 Conference will feature dozens of talks on current research in recreational mathematics, as well as a wide variety of family-accessible mathematical activities and events.  Learn more and register at moves.momath.org.

Sign up now for 2019 Transformations summer camp at MoMath!
Rising first through ninth graders, spend the summer exploring the fun and beauty of mathematics with MoMath’s dynamic camp program.  Through full-body interactive activities, hands-on education sessions, and creative projects, math will come alive for each and every participant.  Campers come back year after year to discover the never-ending wonders of mathematics, so sign up early for a spot.  To learn more, visit transformations.momath.org.

Perspectives: The MoMath Summer College Volunteer Program
Each summer, MoMath offers Perspectives, a full-time volunteer program for college undergraduates.  Students who complete Perspectives build skills in communicating math concepts to the public, develop a strong level of knowledge and experience in what it takes to operate a successful business, and gain exposure to a variety of interesting programs, lectures, and people.  Please note that participation in Perspectives is unpaid.  MoMath is currently accepting applications for summer 2019 positions.  Learn more and apply at volunteers.momath.org.

Integrators: The MoMath High School Volunteer Program
MoMath accepts a limited number of high school students for ongoing volunteer roles during summer vacation and/or from September through June.  The Integrators program offers a unique chance to improve interpersonal and communication skills, explore mathematical concepts, and learn valuable job skills.  MoMath students interact with visitors on the Museum floor and train with professional educators, interpreters, and managers.  Students who participate during summer vacation commit five days per week.  MoMath is currently accepting applications for summer 2019 positions.  Learn more and apply at volunteers.momath.org.

Escher: The Exhibition & Experience
Now through May 26
If you haven’t yet seen the phenomenal Escher exhibition at Industry City in Brooklyn, it’s not too late: MoMath is pleased to announce a special offer for its patrons.  Use promo code MoMath 19 to receive a $5 discount off a regular adult admission ticket.  But don’t delay — the exhibition closes May 26th!  Learn more and purchase tickets at www.eschernyc.com.


Volumes, the MoMath book club: A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines by Janna Levin
Thursday, May 23, 6:30 pm

Join MoMath to discuss astrophysicist Janna Levin’s A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines, a novel that bridges fiction and nonfiction to bring together Kurt Gödel, the logician whose Incompleteness Theorems challenged mainstream philosophy, and Alan Turing, the mathematician who broke the Nazi Enigma Code.  Taken together, Gödel’s and Turing’s work proved that truth is elusive, that knowledge has limits, and that machines could think.  Though the two never met, their lives strangely mirrored one another — both were brilliant, and both met with tragic ends.  In this story of coded secrets, psychotic delusions, mathematical truth, and lies, Levin intertwines these parallel lives into a double helix of genius and anguish, wonderfully capturing not only two radiant, fragile minds but also the zeitgeist of the era.  Learn more and register at volumes.momath.org.

The Six Series: “Cube Conundrums” featuring MIT Professor Erik Demaine
Friday, May 24, 6:00 pm

What has six sides and eight corners?  A cube!  You can construct a cube from a flat piece of paper by starting, for example, from a cross shape.  But there are other, more unusual shapes, that can also fold into a cube.  Join MIT Professor Erik Demaine as he presents some of the more unusual shapes that also fold into a cube, a number of which are devilishly difficult puzzles.  Come solve these cube conundrums with us on May 24, in honor of 2 + 4 = 6, in this last edition of The Six Series celebrating MoMath’s sixth birthday.  Learn more and register at six.momath.org.

Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Two Sigma: “RhythMatics” with Stephon Alexander and Will Calhoun
Friday, May 31, 6:30 pm
What does a hip-hop or rock and roll rhythm have to do with geometry, space and time, and numbers?  In this highly interactive event, mathematical physicist and musician Stephon Alexander and Living Colour drummer and multi-Grammy Award-winner Will Calhoun will take you on a journey into the connections between mathematics and rhythm.  Collaborate with Alexander and Calhoun to create an original hip-hop beat using new ideas that relate mathematics to rhythm — RhythMatics!   Learn more and register at familyfridays.momath.org.

Tween Primes, the MoMath book club for tweens and teens: The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett
Sunday, June 2, 5:30 pm
When inexplicable accidents and ghostly happenings occur at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, it’s up to junior sleuths Petra Andalee and Calder Pillay to piece together the clues of this mystery.  Stir in Calder’s friend Tommy, H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man, 3-D pentominoes, and the hunt for a coded message left behind by Wright, and the kids become tangled in a dangerous web in which life and art intermingle with death, deception, and surprise.  Learn more and register at tweenprimes.momath.org.

Unlimited, MoMath’s mix-n-mingle program for students in 6th through 9th grades
Sunday, June 2, 6:30 pm

Don’t miss the next installment of Unlimited, MoMath’s mix-n-mingle evening for students in late middle school through high school.  If you’re excited by the idea of a fun-filled, math-focused night where you can hang out with old and new friends, enjoy cookies and hot chocolate, and move to some great tunes, then you won’t want to miss this exciting program.  Register now at unlimited.momath.org.

Math Encounters: “Cracking the Code: How Math Was Used to Decrypt Drivers License Numbers” with Joe Gallian
Wednesday, June 5, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Sometimes, things done just for the sake of curiosity can have interesting applications.  Join Joe Gallian, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota Duluth, as he shares his story of breaking the codes for drivers license numbers in several states, just for the fun of it, and how he made use of an important problem-solving technique to do so.  Special introduction by mathematician Bob Beals.  Learn more and register at mathencounters.org.

Artful Math — professional development for educators
Thursday, June 6, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm

Connect the dots between math and art!  Spend the day gaining new perspectives as you enjoy the creative side of math, then turn things around and explore the analytical side of art.  Plus, experience engaging, hands-on activities at the intersection of math and art that you can take back to school to share with your students.  Learn more and register at pd.momath.org.

Equilibrium, an adult evening of mathematical games
Friday, June 7, 5:30 pm

Tabletop gaming is more fun than ever!  Come join old friends and new for a fun-filled, adult evening featuring a broad array of mathematically rich games.  Bring a snack, play some games, and connect with new and interesting people, all while enjoying the unique evening atmosphere at the nation’s only Museum of Math.  Learn more and register at equilibrium.momath.org.

Folding Fun at MoMath with OrigamiUSA
Saturday, June 8, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

An origami expert from OrigamiUSA will be on hand at MoMath to teach simple origami models to learners of all ages.  Explore the wonders of paper folding and challenge yourself to master a few models — there’s math in every fold!  Free with Museum admission; no pre-registration required.

Volumes, the MoMath book club: The Second Kind of Impossible by Paul Steinhardt
Thursday, June 13, 6:30 pm

Princeton physicist Paul Steinhardt will join this special meeting of Volumes to discuss his new book, The Second Kind of Impossible, the true story of his scientific odyssey to prove the existence of “quasicrystal,” a radically new type of matter.  His quest begins with a curious geometric pattern and goes on to involve clandestine collectors, corrupt scientists, secret diaries, international smugglers, and KGB agents.  It culminates in a daring expedition to a distant corner of the Earth, in pursuit of tiny fragments of a meteorite.  Steinhardt’s discoveries not only change our ideas about patterns and matter, but also reveal new truths about the processes that shaped our solar system.  The underlying science is important, simple, and beautiful, and his firsthand account is an engaging scientific thriller.  Learn more and register at volumes.momath.org.

Quadrivium, MoMath’s Math+Music Salon, featuring DJ Spooky and Marcus Miller
Saturday, June 15, 8:00 pm

MoMath is delighted to welcome Paul D. Miller, otherwise known as DJ Spooky, to the June edition of Quadrivium, hosted by popular jazz saxophonist Marcus Miller.  As a musician, composer, multimedia artist, and philosopher, DJ Spooky has a profound and insightful take on society’s relationship with technology, history, and nature.  Join us in exploring the mathematics of sound as a physical phenomenon and as used in the construction of DJ Spooky’s musical work.  Stick around for the after-event, featuring music by DJ Luna Rosa and a lively dance party on Manhattan’s only Voronoi dance floor.  Learn more and register at quadrivium.momath.org.

Living Maths at MoMath
Wednesday, June 19, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Enjoy a fun and interactive family math evening hosted by international guest Steve Sherman. Steve returns to MoMath to run another of his wacky, edutaining events. Have fun solving a range of puzzles that require “gym-maths-tics” and outside-the-box thinking. Bring your favorite internet/wifi enabled device and your imagination — a few fun prizes will be dished out as well! Learn more and register at livingmaths.momath.org.

Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Two Sigma: “Step into Mathematics” with Albrecht Beutelspacher
Friday, June 21, 6:30 pm

Join Mathematikum founder and mathematician Albrecht Beutelspacher as he shares some of his favorite math experiments, designed to draw people into the exciting world of mathematics exploration and discovery.  Thanks to the generous support of Two Sigma, this program is free to attendees.  Register at familyfridays.momath.org.

Math Gym, a workout for your brain
Tuesday, June 25, 3:30 pm

Students, spend an hour at MoMath independently working on engaging and beautiful math problems, hand-selected by MoMath’s advisory council of math PhDs.  Choose whichever problem you like from a specially curated selection and work under the guidance and with the mentorship of one of MoMath’s expert mathematicians.  If you love math and want to experience the incredible joy of mathematical discovery, you won’t want to miss this enjoyable monthly program.  Learn more and register at workout.momath.org.

Hungry Birds
Thursday, August 1, 6:30 pm

Hungry Birds
is a unique STEAM experience where magical math-making turns paper into a flock of ravenous chicks.  They squawk, glow, and move via programmable sensors.  From Sydney, Australia, this “flat to form” experience allows your thinking hands to transform 2D into 3D, combining metaphor with movement.  What a fabulous connected STEAM opportunity to get your squawk on!  Learn more and register at hungrybirds.momath.org.


Expansions: MoMath’s innovative program to engage and challenge NYC’s brightest math students (separated by level)
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Reinvent math class with Expansions, MoMath’s afternoon gifted program.  Featuring programs for mathematically gifted students currently enrolled in 1st through 8th grade, Expansions hands-on lessons are designed and delivered by MoMath’s educational team to challenge and inspire students and to broaden their mathematical horizons.  With topics ranging from fractals to cellular automata, these afternoon sessions provide an opportunity for participants to learn advanced and fascinating topics not included in the standard K-12 curriculum.  Plus, your child can benefit from enjoying math together with small groups of talented and focused young scholars.  Expansions offers sessions at several levels; admission is by application only.  To learn more, visit expansions.momath.org.  MoMath is currently accepting applications for limited spots.

Weekend programs for families
Take a tour with MoMath’s Derivatives program (derivatives.momath.org) or join one of MoMath’s specially-trained educators in Explorations, a hands-on classroom experience, to discover the wonder of mathematics (explorations.momath.org).  Don’t miss your chance to see math in a whole new light, only at MoMath.

Events, birthday parties, and more
Looking to host a one-of-a-kind event where your guests can interact with over 40 engaging exhibits?  Enter a world of mathematical intrigue, but don’t worry: amidst all the activity, there is plenty of space for gala-worthy dinners, over-the-top birthday bashes, laser-cutting parties, and bar/bat mitzvahs.  Who knew math could be this much fun?  Email events@momath.org for more information.

School and group visits
MoMath has over a dozen great programs for school groups visiting the Museum.  From graph coloring to Möbius bands, bring your students to MoMath for a view into the exciting world of mathematics and see why kids of all ages love visiting the Museum.  Register at fieldtrips.momath.org.

Free trips for Title I schools
Thanks to the support of companies including OppenheimerFunds, Con Edison, and Two Sigma, as well as some generous MoMath friends, support for Title I schools is now available.  To apply for a free trip in the 2019-2020 school year, visit titleone.momath.org.  Interested in sponsoring a field trip?  Email donation@momath.org.


Beautiful Math
See what mathematicians think is beautiful about mathematics at beautiful.momath.org.

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