Location and Hours

The National Museum of Mathematics is located in Manhattan at 11 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010, between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. The Museum is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, seven days a week, 364 days a year (MoMath is closed on Thanksgiving Day).

Note: MoMath closes early the first Wednesday of every month, at 2:30 PM.


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Information about the Museum

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Mathematics illuminates the patterns that abound in our world. The National Museum of Mathematics strives to enhance public understanding and perception of mathematics. Its dynamic exhibits and programs stimulate inquiry, spark curiosity, and reveal the wonders of mathematics. The Museum’s activities lead a broad and diverse audience to understand the evolving, creative, human, and aesthetic nature of mathematics.

Brief history

The National Museum of Mathematics began in response to the closing of a small museum of mathematics on Long Island, the Goudreau Museum. A group of interested parties (the “Working Group”) met in August 2008 to explore the creation of a new museum of mathematics — one that would go well beyond the Goudreau in both its scope and methodology. The group quickly discovered that there was no museum of mathematics in the United States, and yet there was incredible demand for hands-on math programming.

Accomplishments to date include: opening Manhattan’s only hands-on science center, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors; creating the popular Math Midway exhibition, which delighted over 750,000 visitors at museums throughout the United States; leading math tours in various U.S. cities; running dozens of Math Encounters and Family Fridays presentations; delivering many other programs for students, teachers, and the public to increase appreciation of mathematics; and creating the largest public outdoor demonstration of the Pythagorean Theorem ever.


The Museum is governed by a Board of Trustees, receives intellectual guidance from an Advisory Council, and operates with the assistance of the Working Group. John Overdeck serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Museum, and Cindy Lawrence as the Museum’s Executive Director & CEO.


The Museum received its provisional charter from the New York State Department of Education on 2009 November 17 and its absolute charter on 2015 September 15.



Board of Trustees

  • Acting Chair
    John Overdeck
    Co-Chairman, Two Sigma Investments
  • Acting Vice Chair
    David Turock
    Chairman, Northern Lights Aviation
  • Secretary
    Saul Rosenthal
    President, Oxford Funds, LLC
  • Treasurer
    Stephen Della Pietra
    Partner, Renaissance Technologies
  • Duane Adams
    Vice Provost for Research Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Kevin Atteson
    Atteson Research
  • Manjul Bhargava
    Princeton University
  • Peter Carr
    Dept. Chair, NYU Finance and Risk Engineering
  • David H. de Weese
    Partner, Paul Capital
  • Robert J. Frey
    Harbor Financial Management
  • Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux
    CEO, Garriott Enterprises
  • Judith Gibbons
  • Matthew Goldstein
    Chancellor Emeritus, CUNY
  • Carole G. Hankin
    Superintendent of Schools (retired), Syosset, New York
  • Mark D. Harris
    Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP
  • Robert W. Jones
    Co-Founder, Antares Technologies
  • Sandy Leong
    Sandy Leong Jewelry
  • Richard Pechter
  • Arthur P. Steinmetz
    Chairman, CEO, and President, OppenheimerFunds
  • Jade Vinson
    Founder, Talking Leaves
  • Stephen Wolfram
    Founder and CEO, Wolfram Research


Advisory Council

Advisory Council Chair
James Tanton
Mathematical Association of America
  1. Dr. Robert Almgren
    Quantitative Brokers and NYU
  2. Prof. Manjul Bhargava
    Brandon Fradd Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University
  3. Dr. David Bynum
    Director, Center for Science and Math Education, Stony Brook University
  4. Prof. Sylvain Cappell
    Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
  5. Dr. Christopher Carlson
    Chief Interactive Graphics Developer, Wolfram Research
  6. Prof. Tim Chartier, Advisory Council Past Chair
    Davidson College
  7. Prof. Sean Cleary
    CUNY Graduate Center (City College of New York)
  8. Henry Cohn
    Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research New England
  9. Prof. John Conway
    Princeton University
  10. Andrew Davidson
    President, Andrew Davidson & Co.
  11. Prof. Erik Demaine
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  12. Prof. Keith Devlin
    Stanford University
  13. Prof. Gillian Elston
    Hofstra University
  14. Dr. Kenneth Fan
    Director, Girls’ Angle: A Math Club for Girls
  15. Dr. Nat Friedman
    Director, International Society of the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture
  16. Prof. Lisa R. Goldberg
    University of California, Berkeley
  17. Dr. Carole Greenes
    Associate Vice Provost, Arizona State University
  18. Prof. J. L. Gross
    Columbia University
  23. Prof. Thomas Hagedorn
    College of New Jersey
  24. Art Kalish
    Vice President, Nassau County Interscholastic Math League
  25. Scott Kim
    Independent Puzzle Designer and Author of Inversions
  26. Alex Kontorovich
    Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University
  27. Ron Lancaster
    Senior Lecturer, University of Toronto
  28. Bushra Makiya
    Math Teacher, The Leadership and Community Service Academy
  29. Mary Ann Mansfield
    President, Nassau County Math Teachers Association
  30. Dr. Irvin Miller
    Director, Math Physics Explore
  31. Prof. Michael Mitzenmacher
    Harvard University
  32. Prof. Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar
    Technion – IIT, Emeritus Director of the Israel National Museum of Science and Technology
  33. Prof. Colm Mulcahy
    Spelman College
  34. Matt Parker
    Public Engagement in Mathematics Fellow, University of London
  35. Ed Pegg Jr.
    Editor, mathpuzzle.com
  36. Prof. Peter Petersen
    University of California, Los Angeles
  37. Prof. Tony Philips
    Stony Brook University
  38. Prof. Bjorn Poonen
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  39. Prof. James Propp
    University of Massachusetts
  40. Prof. Kenneth A. Ribet
    University of California, Berkeley
  45. Zachary Richards
    Manager of Advanced Analytics, P2 Energy Solutions
  46. Richard Rusczyk
    Founder, Art of Problem Solving Inc.
  47. Dr. Mark Saul
    Director, Center for Mathematical Talent
  48. Prof. Doris Schattschneider
    Moravian College
  49. Edward Schmidt
    Two Sigma Investments / Ventures
  50. Roger M. Stein
    Managing Director, Research and Academic Relations, Moody’s Corporation
  51. Prof. Charles Steinhorn
    Vassar College
  52. Prof. Steven Strogatz
    Cornell University
  53. Jean E. Taylor
    Professor Emerita, Mathematics, Rutgers University
    Visiting Scholar, Courant Institute, NYU
  54. Prof. Aaron Tenenbein
    New York University
  55. Dr. Tadashi Tokieda
    Cambridge University
  56. Dr. Michael Trott
    Wolfram Research
  57. John Urschel
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  58. Prof. Moshe Vardi
    Rice University
  59. Dr. Victoria Vysotina
    CEO, V V Strategic Group
  60. Bruce Waldner
    President, New York State Association of Math Supervisors
  61. Dr. Eric Weisstein
    Author, World of Mathematics
  62. Dr. Peter Winkler
    Dartmouth College
  63. Bobson Wong
    Mathematics Teacher, Bayside High School
    Master Teacher, Math for America

The National Museum of Mathematics is the owner of U.S. Patent Nos. 8,602,790; 9,165,479; and 9,472,120 covering one or more exhibits in the Museum.