Senior Sessions

Once a week
2:00 pm to 2:45 pm ET


Senior citizens, exercise your brain in 45-minute math sessions!  Join MoMath’s experienced presenters for intriguing classes on a variety of stimulating topics, including topology, puzzles, and cryptography.  Enjoy the discovery and challenges in these engaging, interactive activities with a collegial cohort of mature minds.  For senior citizens / mature adults.  Online registration closes 15 minutes before each session begins.

Please note that sessions of the same name are repeated sessions.

“Polyomino Puzzlers”

Tuesday, July 23
You’ve heard of dominoes, but have you ever heard of trominoes, tetrominoes, or pentominoes?  Discover the many surprising shapes you can create simply by combining single-size squares and explore various types of symmetry using these unique objects.  Materials needed: printout to be provided, pencil, and colored pen (or marker). Optional materials: scissors and tape.


“Dynamic Dice”

Wednesday, July 31
What are the odds of rolling a given sum with a pair of standard dice?  Explore how to determine the probability, then challenge yourself to find a different way to number the dice to get the very same probabilities.  Come roll the dice!  Materials needed: pencil and paper.



Thursday, August 8
Come discover mathematical rep-tiles, geometric shapes that can tile into repetitions of themselves.  Learn about scaling, special tessellations, and mathematical proofs, while solving fun rep-tiles puzzles. 


“Magic Squares”

Tuesday, August 13
Magic squares are a set of puzzles that have long fascinated many of the world’s most brilliant thinkers.  Dating back more than 4,000 years to ancient China, magic squares are those in which the sums of each column, row, and diagonal are always “magically” the same number!  Discover surprising strategies to solve these mysterious puzzles and learn how to create your very own magic square.  Materials needed: paper and pencil


Exhibit Explorations: Pythagorean Puzzlers”

Wednesday, August 21
The Pythagorean theorem is one of the most important results in all of mathematics.  There are more than 120 geometric proofs currently known!  Explore geometric proofs in this hands-on workshop based on MoMath’s Time Tables puzzler.  Materials needed: pencil, paper, colored pens (or pencils/markers), ruler, scissors, and graph paper (printout available).



Thursday, August 29
Arithmetic is fun, but arithmetic with letters is even better! & Using process of elimination and clever logic, we will explore fundamental properties of base-10 arithmetic in a unique and challenging way.  Join us for CRYPT4R1THM3T1C!  Materials needed: pencil and paper.


This program is intended for adults; children will not be permitted to attend, and event registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable.