Upcoming Events at MoMath

Register for MOVES, MoMath’s biennial conference on recreational mathematics

Registration is now open for MoMath’s 2015 conference on the Math Of Various Entertaining Subjects.  This year’s conference is held in honor of three seminal figures in game theory: John Conway, Elwyn Berlekamp, and Richard Guy. Space is limited and we expect that all available slots at the conference will be taken, so don’t wait to register!  See more at moves.momath.org.

Abstracts for the research talks and family activities are now available here.  Curious about the schedule?  See the preliminary program here.

Kids can spend the summer at MoMath with new summer sessions!

See more details below or at transformations.momath.org.

Coming soon: Catch a fractal display in Composite, the gallery at MoMath, and watch for new exhibit Beaver Run to open this fall.

First, enjoy a colorful and iterative new show in MoMath’s Composite gallery this summer.  Then, get ready for MoMath’s newest permanent exhibit!  Truchet tiles, train tracks, and turntables come together to form beaver paths through a constantly shifting forest.  Rotate the semi-circular tracks and send the beavers through the forest on a path of your choosing, or try to solve a variety of challenges.  No matter how the path changes, the beavers will never meet!  Be sure to watch this page for more details, coming soon.


Enter MoMath’s mathemusical song contest!
Through Friday, October 9

Make math your muse!  MoMath is now accepting submissions for an all-new mathematical song competition. Write your own words to a favorite tune or compose your own melody; the only rules are that the lyrics must be original and must be about math or a mathematical concept.  The winners will be announced at an open mic night at MoMath on Thursday, November 19.  Submissions are now open at songs.momath.org.

Transformations 2015, MoMath’s summer program
July 6 —August 28 (weekly sessions, Monday — Friday)

First through eighth graders will experience the richness of mathematics at MoMath’s exciting summer program, where full-body interactive activities, hands-on education sessions, and programs in arts, music, and movement will make math come alive for each and every participant.  Whether your child is already passionate about mathematics or just starting to explore its wonders, Transformations will expose your child to cool subjects not covered in school, and stoke the flames for a lifelong appreciation of mathematics.  Learn more and register for the weekly programs at transformations.momath.org.

MOVES 2015: The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects
August 2 — August 4

Join MoMath in New York City for its second conference on the Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects.  The MOVES 2015 conference is held in honor of the seminal figures in combinatorial game theory: John Conway, Elwyn Berlekamp, and Richard Guy, co-authors of numerous research articles and books, including the classic Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays.  The 2015 MOVES conference will feature dozens of talks on current research in recreational mathematics, as well as a wide variety of family-accessible mathematical activities and events.  For more information, visit moves.momath.org.

Monday Night MOVES: Math, Magic, Movement, and More!
Monday, August 3, 7:00 pm

Register for a night of math, magic, and movement, featuring three phenomenal performances:

Pythagorean Trio: Enjoy the highly physical, humorous, and engaging choreography of dancers Karl Schaffer, Saki, and Laurel Shastri, as they reveal the surprising connections between mathematics and dance using combinatoric and rhythmic play with boxes, bottles, vaudevillian hats, and more!
The End of Mathematics: If mathematics is finite, what will we do once it runs out?  Join mathematician Colin Adams as he presents an original short play that pokes fun at mathematicians and the theorems they love to prove.
Mathemagic with Mark!: Enter the dazzling world of Mark Mitton, whose high-energy performance will include astounding sleight-of-hand, hilarious humor, and plenty of magic inspired by MOVES conference honorees Conway, Berlekamp, and Guy.

Registration is open to the public at mondaymoves.momath.org.

Math Encounters: “Massive Numbers” with Po-Shen Loh
Wednesday, August 5, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Every kid at some point wonders, “How much is a kajillion? Or a bazillion?”  Even adults may have the impression that math is mostly about numbers and finding ways to deal with them, whatever their size.  Join Po-Shen Loh, Carnegie Mellon math professor and national lead coach of the USA International Math Olympiad team, as he gives the inside scoop on whether and when numbers more gigantic than you’ve ever dreamed of really do turn up in the world of mathematics — and get a glimpse into the little-known drama of competitive math contests, as well.  Register at mathencounters.org.

Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Time Warner Cable: “Snapology”
Friday, August 21, 6:30 pm

Come learn about Snapology!  Transform strips of colored ribbon into beautiful geometric shapes, exploring structure and the mathematical properties of the Platonic solids while creating your own work of art.  Faye Goldman, mathematical artist and author of Geometric Origami, leads the group on an artistic and mathematical journey using Snapology to construct a twenty-sided figure known as an “icosahedron.”  This presentation is appropriate for all ages and is free to attendees, as part of Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds campaign.  For more information and to register, visit familyfridays.momath.org.


Expansions: MoMath’s program to engage and challenge NYC’s brightest math students
Thursday afternoons (K-8, separated by level)

Reinvent math class with Expansions, MoMath’s afternoon gifted program.  Featuring programs for all mathematically gifted students currently enrolled in kindergarten through 8th grade, the Expansions workshops are designed and delivered by MoMath’s educational team to challenge and inspire students, and to broaden their mathematical horizons.  With topics ranging from fractals to cellular automata, these afternoon sessions provide an opportunity for participants to learn advanced and fascinating topics not included in the standard K-12 curriculum.  Plus, your child can benefit from enjoying math together with small groups of talented and focused young scholars.

Expansions offers sessions at five levels, which are differentiated by mathematical experience rather than age.  Admission is by application only.  Apply now and register for Summer 2015 classes; to learn more and submit an application, visit expansions.momath.org.

Create a show at Composite, the gallery at MoMath

Do you have a great idea for a mathematical art show?  Send it to MoMath!  MoMath is seeking proposals for a show in the Composite gallery, to begin approximately one year from now.  Applications are now open: applycomposite.momath.org.

Events, Birthday Parties, and More

Looking to host a one-of-a-kind event where your guests can interact with over two dozen engaging exhibits?  Enter a world of mathematical intrigue, but don’t worry, amongst all the activity there is plenty of space for gala-worthy dinners, over-the-top birthday bashes, and mitzvahs.  Who knew math could be this much fun?  New: laser-cutting parties are now available.  Send guests home with their own custom laser-cut party favors!  For more information, contact events@momath.org.