Upcoming Events at MoMath

Cross Product: 3D-printing workshops
Saturday, December 20, 11:00 am and 4:00 pm

If you’re at loose ends over winter break or don’t know what to get that special tech-lover in your life, check out MoMath’s special 3D-printing workshops in December.  Create a unique trigonometric bracelet or keepsake in the morning, print high resolution 3D objects with liquid resin and lasers in the afternoon, or maximize the 3D journey and sign up for both! Cross Product is sure to appeal to anyone who can use a laptop, from students on break to adults who want to dive into a new dimension of technology.  Learn more and register at 3D.momath.org.

Can’t make it on December 20?  Let us know what dates and sessions you’d prefer with the Cross Product interest list. Sessions will open as registered interest grows, so make sure to sign up at 3D.momath.org!  Registrants will be notified when sessions open.

Math Encounters: “On The Shoulders of Giants: Newton Revealed” with William Dunham
Wednesday, January 7, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Meet the great Sir Isaac Newton, as revealed through a lifetime of collaboration and communication.  William Dunham, who delves into both math and its history, uses Newton’s own words to expose the man behind the math.  From his earliest known letter, through exchanges with Leibniz, Locke, and others, to his most-quoted passage about standing on the shoulders of giants, Newton comes to life at his best … and his worst.  Register at mathencounters.org.

Winter Wonderlamp
Thursday, January 8, 6:30 pm

In celebration of 2015, the International Year of Light, brighten up winter by taking a journey into the wonder of mathematical form and biomimicry.  Join educators from the International Grammar School in Sydney, Australia in creating your own beautiful lamp using iterative paper folding techniques.  Enjoy a math-maker mash-up of elementary symmetries, crystallography, origami, and light while learning about structure, strength, stability and translations — an aesthetic experience not to be missed!  Register at wonderlamp.momath.org.

Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Time Warner Cable: “Creature Cuts”
Friday, January 16, 6:30 pm

Using a sharp eye and a sharp tool, create an Escher-like tessellation of lizards or other creatures to decorate your home.  Computer science and math instructor Kevin Lee demonstrates how removing the negative space from a vinyl sticker creates a two-color design similar to the work of M. C. Escher.  Learn about the math of symmetry and tessellations, and take home your very own 10” x 10” tessellation window sticker.  Suggested for ages 10 and up.  This presentation is free to attendees, as part of Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds  campaign.  For more information and to register, visit familyfridays.momath.org.

Shapes Abound: The Squared Triangle Bench and new pentagonal Tessellation Station tiles come to MoMath
Monday, January 26

Discover the power of shapes with MoMath’s newest additions!  First, transform a hinged square into a triangle and back again with the Squared Triangle Bench, specially designed for MoMath by Stanford student Alejandro Palandjoglou. Next, check out the three new types of pentagonal tiles at Tessellation Station: Cairo, Prismatic, and the mirrored Versatile.  Use Cairo and Prismatic pentagons — recently proved to create the most efficient convex pentagonal tilings — to construct tessellation patterns; you may discover a pattern that’s entirely new to mathematics!

Members-only preview
Sunday, January 26, 5:30 pm

Squares, triangles, and pentagons — oh my!  Become a member today (momath.org/join) for a chance to enjoy light refreshments, discover the math behind these shapes, and be one of the first to see if you can create an entirely new pentagonal tiling at MoMath.

PolyPals: Bring your toddlers and preschoolers to MoMath for weekly fun!
Tuesday afternoons (Ages 2 – 5)

PolyPals, MoMath’s Tuesday afternoon program for pre-K children, offers our littlest potential mathematicians the opportunity to listen to math-themed stories and have fun exploring the concepts behind them.  Led by MoMath’s skilled educational staff, toddlers and preschoolers participate in songs, stories, and activities tied to a different theme each week.  Patterns, shapes, numbers, and more — PolyPals is a great way to enrich your child’s day with mathematical inspiration.  There’s still time to register for classes in 2014; registration for 2015 will open soon.  For further information and to register, visit polypals.momath.org.

Expansions: MoMath’s program to engage and challenge NYC’s brightest math students
Tuesday afternoons (HS students)
Thursday afternoons (K-8, separated by level)

Reinvent math class with Expansions, MoMath’s after-school gifted program.  Featuring programs for all mathematically gifted students currently enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade, the Expansions workshops are designed and delivered by MoMath’s educational team to challenge and inspire students, and broaden their mathematical horizons. With topics ranging from fractals to cellular automata, these afternoon sessions provide an opportunity for participants to learn advanced and fascinating topics not included in the standard K-12 curriculum.  Plus, your child can benefit from enjoying math together with small groups of talented and focused young scholars.

Expansions offers sessions at five levels, which are differentiated by mathematical experience rather than age; entry is by application only.  There’s still time to register for classes in 2014; registration for 2015 will open soon.  For more information and to apply, visit expansions.momath.org.

Create a show at Composite: The Gallery at MoMath

Do you have a great idea for a mathematical art show?  Send it to MoMath! MoMath is seeking proposals for a show in the Composite gallery, to begin approximately one year from now.  Applications are now open: applycomposite.momath.org.

Events, Birthday Parties, and More

Looking to host a one-of-a-kind event where your guests can interact with over two dozen engaging exhibits?  Enter a world of mathematical intrigue, but don’t worry, amongst all the activity there is plenty of space for gala-worthy dinners, over the top birthday bashes, and mitzvahs.  Who knew math could be this much fun?  For more information, contact events@momath.org.