2019 MoMath Masters Tournament

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the eighth annual
MoMath Masters Tournament, the exciting competition and charitable fundraiser.

Overall Winners

First Place
Geva Patz

Second Place
Sandy Kutin

Third Place
John Overdeck

Category Winners

Math Classics
Wenying Gan

Math Pulse
Peter Winkler

Gardner Greats
Kiran Kedlaya

Group photo with 2019 <em>MoMath Masters</em> tournament Champion Geva Patz” width=”300″ height=”200″></p>
<p style=Associate Director Tim Nissen, Dean of Academic Content Alex Kontorovich, Fields Medalist and Distinguished Visiting Professor Manjul Bhargava, and Executive Director Cindy Lawrence with 2019 MoMath Masters Tournament Champion Geva Patz

2019 MoMath Masters Photo Gallery

The 2019 MoMath Masters included a battle between previous two-time first-place champions, John Overdeck and Geva Patz.