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Dallas Arts District: One Arts Plaza

At this location, you can ask your participants to imagine that they were working on construction for this building, and that the panes of glass in the main grid of windows on this face of the building needed to be ordered. How many panes would you need to order? In the discussion, bring out the […]

Dallas Arts District: Booker T. Washington School Pegasus

Obviously for a walk in the Dallas Arts District, it’s important to highlight ways in which math and art interact with and enrich each other. One opportunity to do that is the sculpture of Pegasus by artist Stuart Kraft at the Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts. There are at […]

Dallas Arts District: Winspear Opera House louvers

This post is the first in a series detailing a large number of math tour stops designed for the walkSTEM tours of the Dallas Arts District. The tours begin at the Winspear Opera House, so let’s start by examining several mathematical ideas that you can bring out by examining the louvers above the plaza surrounding […]

Everyday Regular Pentagons

You might be doing a shape scavenger hunt and want to add the otherwise elusive regular pentagon to your list of shapes, or you may just want to ask what interesting geometric shape do your participants see on this everyday item, but either way, take advantage of the fact that fire hydrants in many municipalities […]