Math Tours

Posts in this category represent “stops” or individual topics and demos that can be used in a math tour.

Dallas Arts District: Genesis, Gift of Life at the Dallas Museum of Art

As you walk toward this striking mosaic by artist Miguel Covarrubias, invite your tour participants to look at the boundaries between regions of color in the mosaic, and identify one high-contrast boundary and one lower-contrast boundary. Then, invite the participants to come up very close to the mosaic and examine how the tiles look in […]

Dallas Arts District: Hunt Oil Building

As you walk from Klyde Warren Park to the Dallas Museum of Art, you will pass by the Hunt Oil building. Its facade features the intersection of two cylinders, a narrower vertical one and a much larger-radius horizontal one. The curve where the two surfaces intersect is highlighted in silver trim. This is a beautiful, […]

Dallas Arts District: Klyde Warren Park climbing structure

In a park filled with a number of mathematically interesting sights (such as the row of arches along one edge), this climbing structure is arguably the most mathematical object of all. You’ll notice that it is constructed of metal rods joined at the spherical red hubs (with black circles on them). If you look at […]

Dallas Arts District: Trees on Harwood Street

As you’re walking along Harwood Street, take a very close look at the glossy leaves of what I was told by one tour participant are magnolia trees all along one side of the street. You should see something roughly like this [but I would love a high-res picture of one of the actual leaves there, […]

Dallas Arts District: Nasher Sculpture Center

        Math and Nature Among other things, math is a tool we can use to understand the natural world. To do that, we need to start with data — often measurements of things we find around us. You and the folks on your tour can try your hand at it right here […]

Dallas Arts District: Across from the Meyerson Symphony Hall

You may want to pause to admire the Meyerson Symphony Hall across the street from it, where you can appreciate the architecture by I.M. Pei which deliberately uses the motifs of square and circle in opposition to each other to create dramatic tension. Look for all of the places where you can see circles inside […]

Dallas Arts District: Texas Sculpture Walk at the Hall Arts Center

Sculpture The Texas Sculpture Walk is such fertile ground for bringing out mathematical themes in contemporary sculpture that we could do an entire tour just within this one section of the District. We’re not going to indulge in that right now, to keep this set of tour ideas broadly based in the whole arts district, […]

Dallas Arts District: Wyly Theatre entrance and facade

There are two main centers of mathematical investigation of the Wyly Theatre highlighted here. The aluminum-pipe facade First, if you walk right up to the corner of the building (the near left corner in the picture above) and (on a bright, sunny day) look straight up at the corner amidst the aluminum pipes which adorn […]