Tours are Modular

Most math tours will consist of a series of “stops” or vignettes, in which something observed in the world around us spurs discussion of a particular mathematical topic, idea, or result. Often these different vignettes can be mixed and matched and regrouped to create new tours in new places or even new tours in places you’ve toured before, but with a different theme. So in constructing tours, it’s extremely useful to have a large “bag of tricks” — a big collection of different things that can come up in the natural world or the built environment, and bits of interesting math that you can hang off of them. So, the idea for this blog in posts going forward is to share such a collection. We’ll post different topics that have come up in different MoMath tours, starting with a rapidly-designed tour that took place at the ASTC 2015 convention. And please feel free to comment, including describing similar activities you’ve done in math tours, or totally new ideas. If you have an interesting one in a comment, we’ll invite you to do a guest post in this blog.

So: go out there and create some great tours and let us know about them.

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