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A unique and innovative institution, the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) strives to enhance public understanding and perception of mathematics as an evolving, creative, and aesthetic human endeavor.  The Museum's hands-on, interactive exhibits provide a place for visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience the excitement of math.  MoMath, which opened in 2012, is North America's only museum devoted to the wonders of mathematics and its many connections to the world around us.

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If you square it, the same six digits remain at the end!
A prime number, meaning that it has no factors except one and itself.
Three cubed cubed.
The fourth perfect number, the largest known until the year 1456.
The sum of the numbers 1–100, which Gauss calculated instantly, impressing his teacher.
The number of ways to tile a 6 x 10 rectangle with the full set of pentominoes.
The product of 3 consecutive prime numbers: 7 × 11 × 13.
The third perfect number.
The number of different space groups that describe possible crystal packing symmetries.
The hyperfactorial of 3: 1 × (2×2) × (3×3×3).
The largest triangular Fibonacci number.
In 1796, Gauss discovered how to construct a regular 17-gon with a ruler and compass.

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