Supporting the MoMath Capital Campaign

MoMath invites you to join the effort to bring a new dimension to the nation’s only museum of math, ensuring that the world of mathematical exploration and discovery is accessible to all!  Building on a twelve-year history of success, the National Museum of Mathematics will strengthen its position as a national leader in mathematics outreach and leverage a larger footprint to significantly increase the number of schoolchildren it can accommodate, expand its outreach to groups traditionally underrepresented in mathematics, develop a broad range of early education offerings, and become a premier event space for hosting lectures, seminars, academic conferences, and large-scale public math events.

The physical expansion of the Museum will allow MoMath to:

  • Add additional space for permanent and changing exhibition galleries;
  • Provide additional flexible space to accommodate six classrooms, group activities and constructions, and simultaneous events;
  • Dedicate space for early learning activities to encourage STEM programming participation targeted to parents, caregivers, and families with young learners; and
  • Augment administrative and curatorial office space.

MoMath’s Capital Campaign efforts are being led by a Campaign Steering Committee of volunteers who are deeply committed to the Museum and its plans for expansion.  To make it possible for the Museum to expand, MoMath is seeking contributions from current and new supporters.  Contributions may be made as either one-time gifts or multi-year pledges.  All donors to the campaign will be acknowledged; contributions of $50,021 or more will be recognized on unique signage within the new space.  Special ten-year naming opportunities are available to donors of $109,376 or more.  Choose from a variety of options for donation or contact the Museum at