2014 Pi Day Contest Winners

MoMath hosted several contests in the weeks leading up to Pi Day. Thank you to everyone that entered one of our contests, and congratulations to the winners!


Check out the slides from the awards presentation.

Pi Card Contest Winners


Pi-ku Contest Winners

Zander Pierson, Level I Winner

A number

A number with an infinite decimal expansion

Irrational, no fraction form, the legendary great Pi


Andrew Binder, Level I Winner

What is Pi?

Pi is a transcendental number; it’s a ratio,

An infinite decimal expansion, very close to 3.


Digna Castillo, Susan Disla, and Nicole Zapata, Level II Winners

Numero (3)

Principio pero no tiene fin en la vida (14)

Siempre va a existir para ser el valor de Pi (15)


Querida Sidney, Level III Winner


Pi is math.

Pi is used in math to find out the circumference, okay?

The numbers of pi are irrational so they do not end.


Mike Keith, Level IV Winner

It’s a moon,

A wheel revolving on golden earth, and lotus blossoms.

Mountains embrace windmills, and it all reflects this number, pi.

Note: in addition to satisfying the 3-14-15 syllable rule required by the contest, counting the number of letters in each successive word of the poem reveals the first 22 digits of pi.


Douglas Monasebian, Level IV Winner

Greek letter

Irrational, constant, transcendental, ubiquitous

Circumference over diameter, ad infinitum

Pi Song Contest Winners


Cameron Winter, Pi Day Song (original song), Level I Winner


Natalie Inostroza, Aharatu Abdallah, and Delenny DeLaCruz, What Does the Pi Say (to the tune of “What Does the Fox Say”), Level II Winners


Eric McDowell, The Sine of Pi (to the tune of “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel), Level IV Winner


Rebecca Mercuri, Lucy Tuning Pi with Diamonds (to the tune of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Beatles), Level IV Winner