Pi Day Song


Lyrics by Cameron Winter
Music by Cameron Winter


It’s the mathematical constant that’s a ratio
of circumference to diameter of a circular O
You can’t use a ruler or a piece of string
you’ll need a super computer and years of training


Leonard Euler Got right into pi
in the works that he published in 1749
and the polygon era in 250 B.C.(E)
was lead by none other than archimedes




Pecan, apple, blueberries,
I even taste good when I’m stuffed with peas
Key lime, Lemon, Rhubarb,
I’m even delicious when I’m filled with lard,


I’m not even ashamed that I make you fat-
Bacon and egg pie, resist that.
and ol’ pizza pie is always a hit,
but if eat too much your heart’ll stop for a bit


(Repeat chorus)


I’m an Indian boy who was on a boat,
until it sunk and I was left afloat
but I didn’t realize ’til a day or more,
I was stuck with a tiger ‘thousand miles from shore


So I lost all my food, to a giant whale
and almost didn’t live to tell the tale
Yep, the boy with scraggly hair, it’s me,
don’t mean to boast, but we won an oscar for cinematography plus Ang Lee


(Repeat chorus)


– 3.14159 That’s pi!