Female Mathematicians Featured in MoMath Exhibits

As part of MoMath’s commitment to promoting gender equity in mathematics, the Museum applied for and received a grant from the Association of Science and Technology Centers’ IF/THEN Gender Equity program, a national effort sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies.  A portion of the grant provided funding for MoMath to update the electronic information decks that accompany each of the Museum’s exhibits to highlight the work of a female mathematician whose work can be connected to the mathematical concept explored by the exhibit.  Through this project, MoMath aims to encourage girls and young women to engage with mathematics and to consider careers in STEM fields.


3-D Doodle: Olga Ladyzhenskaya


Coaster Rollers: Sophie Germain


Edge FX: Katherine Johnson


Enigma Cafe: Annie Easley


Feedback Fractals: Sarah Koch


Finding Fifteen: Tanya Khovanova


Formula Morph: Julia Robinson


Hoop Curves: Florence Nightingale


Human Tree: Maryam Mirzakhani


Hyper Hyperboloid: Mina Rees


In Plane Sight: Ingrid Daubechies


Light Grooves: Bryna Kra


Logo Generator: Minerva Cordero


Math Square: Ada Lovelace


Mathenaeum: Maria Chudnovsky


Mind Over Measure: Joan Clarke


Monkey Around: Nina Bari


Motionscape: Maria Agnesi


Pattern Mesh: Cathleen Morawetz


Pattern Pants: Euphemia Haynes


Polypaint: Fan Chung


Robot Swarm: Grace Hopper


Shapes of Space: Sophia Kovalevskaya


Square-Wheeled Trike: Mary Cartwright


Structure Studio: Alicia Boole Stott


Tessellation Station: Marjorie Rice


Tile Factory: Marjorie Lee Browne


Time Tables: Kathleen Ollerenshaw


Tracks of Galileo: Vivienne Malone-Mayes


Twist ‘n’ Roll: Karen Uhlenbeck


Wall of Fire: Hypatia


Water Frieze: Emmy Noether