Recording of Euclid’s Elements: Book I and beyond mini-course

Session three

This is a recording of an online event that took place on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

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To fully participate, please have the following materials handy:

  1. Pencils
  2. Colored pencils (optional)
  3. Any straightedge or ruler, similar to this:
  4. A sketch pad, similar to this:
  5. A working compass (not a ball compass), similar to this:
  6. An edition (or two) of Euclid’s Elements (strongly encouraged but not necessary for the first session).

For Euclid’s book editions, these are a good pair:

  • Oliver Byrne’s unique and splendid 1847 edition, using colored diagrams in place of geometric notation:
  • Green Lion Press’s edition of Book I with commentary and discussion:

Alternatively, you can download a digital copy of the book for free from here: Euclid’s Elements of Geometry

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