MoMath Online Camp Policies

Program Policies

By enrolling your child in Transformations online, you agree to the following policies and grant the following permission to the Museum:

MoMath Online Camp Policies

  1. Participants in Transformations online are expected to exhibit good behavior to ensure a positive experience for everyone.  At its sole discretion, MoMath may remove a participant from an online camp session for behavioral reasons.  If a participant is removed for behavioral reasons, no refund will be issued and the participant may be blocked from future online sessions.
  2. MoMath cannot provide refunds, credits, or transfers for any reason

Photograph Permission and Release

This agreement applies to the minor listed above (see registration form). In consideration of my wish to participate in Transformations online and related activities (collectively the “Program”) of the National Museum of Mathematics, I agree:

(1) that the National Museum of Mathematics (or its representatives) may take photographs or video of me during my participation in the Program (“Photographs” or “Video”);

(2) that I irrevocably grant the National Museum of Mathematics (and its licensees and assigns) the worldwide right in perpetuity to use my name, and my likeness as depicted in the Photographs and/or Video in materials related to the National Museum of Mathematics’ educational and charitable mission, including the right to reproduce, distribute, modify, and publicly display the Photographs and/or Video in any medium now known or later developed, including, promotion and fundraising for the National Museum of Mathematics; and

(3) on behalf of myself, my heirs, family members, and executors, I irrevocably release the National Museum of Mathematics from any claim of any nature, known or unknown, that I have or ever may have (including for invasion of privacy, libel, slander, portraying me in a false light, or breach of my right of publicity) based on use of the Photographs and/or Video or my name or likeness as described.

I understand that the National Museum of Mathematics will rely on this release and that I may not revoke my permission or release. These terms are governed by the laws of the State of New York applicable to releases.

I am a parent or legal guardian of the minor listed above (see registration form), and I agree that such minor and I are bound by all the terms of this release.

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