Summer Camp 2022

June 27 through September 2
One-week sessions, Monday through Friday, in-person at the Museum

9:00 am to 3:00 pm ET (New York)
Extended day options available

Students will experience the richness of mathematics with America’s only museum dedicated to math.  Through interactive education sessions, creative projects, and supervised independent activities, math will come alive for each and every participant.

The Museum offers a mixed-ages camp with attentive counselors at every level.  The Epsilons level for rising first through third graders focuses on helping students cultivate a love for mathematics.  The Deltas level for rising fourth through sixth graders allows campers to fully explore their mathematical interests.  And the Gammas level for rising seventh through ninth graders provides a deep dive into advanced mathematical knowledge and skills.

MoMath’s talented staff will keep campers engaged and entertained with grade-appropriate activities, and the program’s curriculum will feature interactive learning in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Whether your camper is already passionate about mathematics or just starting to explore its wonders, Transformations will expose your camper to cool areas of mathematics not covered in school and stoke the flames for a lifelong appreciation of mathematics.

Transformations 2022 offers four different themes across one-week sessions (Monday through Friday), from June 27 through September 2.  The camp day starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm.  The fee per one-week session is $1,300.  Families may sign up for extended-day options for pickup or dismissal anytime before 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm.  Due to the popularity and small size of the program, early registration is recommended.

Camper Sections

Campers will be divided into three sections for age- and grade-appropriate instruction:

Epsilons (for students entering 1st through 3rd grade in fall 2022)

Deltas (for students entering 4th through 6th grade in fall 2022)

Gammas (for students entering 7th through 9th grade in fall 2022)

Attentive camp counselors ensure a fun learning experience.  Our small section sizes encourage individualized instruction and allow opportunities for campers to explore and gain a deeper understanding of mathematics.

Themes and Registration

Each camp theme extends across a one-week session, from Monday through Friday.  The regular camp day begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm, and is hosted at MoMath, located at 11 East 26th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue (New York City).  Each theme is specially designed for specific camp sections and may not be available to all age groups.

Note: Please register each camper separately.

2022 Session Camp Theme Epsilons
(Grades 1–3)
(Grades 4–6)
(Grades 7–9)
Jun 27 – Jul 1 Masked Math Register Register N/A
Jul 4 – Jul 8 Graphs Galore Register Register N/A
Jul 11 – 15 Math and Art N/A Register Register
Jul 18 – 22 Masked Math Register Register N/A
Jul 25 – 29 Why or Why Not? Register Register N/A
Aug 1 – 5 Graphs Galore Register Register N/A
Aug 8 – 12 Math and Art N/A Register Register
Aug 15 – 19 Why or Why Not? Register Register N/A
Aug 22 – 26 Masked Math Register Register N/A
Aug 29 – Sep 2 Graphs Galore Register Register N/A


Transformations 2022 offers three inspiring, mathematical themes for rising 1st through 6th graders.

Masked Math (for Epsilons and Deltas)
How can two friends tell each other secrets when someone else might be listening?  How do generals send secure messages during wartime?  Can we trust that our credit card numbers are safe when we buy things online?  Learn about cryptography — how it began and how it is used in the modern world.  Explore different types of ciphers and even create your own.

Graphs Galore (for Epsilons and Deltas)
Dots and lines, graphs and networks — everything is connected in graph theory.  Discover this fascinating area of math and see how seemingly unrelated puzzles can be made simple through colorful pictures.  Draw maps, master mathematical games, and explore numbers in a new mathematical context.

Why or Why Not? (for Epsilons and Deltas)
How do we know something is always true?  By using logical arguments to convince ourselves and others.  It’s not enough to be told that something works or see that a pattern seems to hold — mathematicians need to explain why.  Explore numerical and geometric patterns, construct arguments, and learn from each other’s reasoning.  Proof is the heart of mathematics; come discover how it’s done!


Transformations 2022 offers one deep-diving, mathematical theme for rising 4th through 9th graders.

Math and Art (for Deltas and Gammas)
Throughout history, sculptors, painters, textile artists, musicians, architects, and dancers have been inspired by math.  Discover the surprising ways that mathematics and art enrich each other.  Through hands-on mathematical art projects and explorations of concepts in algebra, 2D and 3D geometry, and topology, join us to experience beautiful, creative math!

Registration Fees

Registration fees for camp are $1,300 per one-week session, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Extended day options are available at $150 per week for a 4:00 pm wrap-up, and $300 per week for a 5:00 pm wrap-up.

Camp Policies

Strictly no refunds, no credits, and no transfers will be permitted.  Spots are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  All registered campers must sign a photograph permission and release form.  Be sure to read MoMath Camp Policies prior to registration.

Health and Safety Protocols

As of March 7, although the citywide Key to NYC program has ended, MoMath requires all visitors ages five and up to show acceptable proof of full vaccination (two doses) against COVID-19.  (Note: MoMath does not accept digital images or photocopies of vaccination cards.)  Additionally, every visitor is required to wear a mask.  Click here to learn more about the Museum’s health and safety measures.

Financial Aid

Limited funding is available for students who demonstrate a strong interest in mathematics and whose families are facing financial hardship.  Please inquire at