Three Days of Wonder-ful Math with
David Schwartz

MoMath is delighted to announce that acclaimed children’s book writer David Schwartz, author of How Much Is a Million? and If You Hopped Like a Frog, will be visiting the Museum to give presentations on December 5, 6, and 7.  David specializes in finding unique, whimsical ways to express the joy of math and science, and children are thrilled by his unique approach — he makes math more relevant and fun than anyone ever thought possible!  The author of more than 50 published books, David has spoken at over a thousand schools all over the USA and around the world — don’t miss his first-ever visit to MoMath.

David will present Wonder-ful Math on Thursday, December 5 and Saturday, December 7, and he will lead class sessions for visiting school groups on Friday, December 6.


Wonder-ful Math

Rekindle your childhood wonder as David leads us on an exciting journey that combines math, science, writing, and books.  With a wealth of visuals, David will explore the connections between math and literature as he emphasizes the joy and the power of wondering — and shows how his books derive from the mathematical curiosities of his childhood.

David will be presenting Wonder-ful Math at MoMath on:

Thursday, December 5 at 6:00 pm

He will return to MoMath to give a presentation geared to kindergarten through second grade on:

Saturday, December 7, at 11:00 am

And another, for third through fifth grade, on:

Saturday, December 7, at 2:00 pm

Register for December 5 at 6:00 pm

Register for December 7 at 11:00 am

Register for December 7 at 2:00 pm


School group sessions with David Schwartz

Friday, December 6

Sessions available between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm

Educators, don’t miss this special chance to combine a class visit to MoMath with a presentation by children’s author David Schwartz.  David will be leading a limited number of sessions for visiting elementary school groups at MoMath for one morning only.

To request an educator session for your school trip, go to, and click on “Request a trip.”  A small surcharge to standard school group rates will be applied for each session for this special opportunity.

In the “Special Requests and Additional Comments” field at the bottom of the form, be sure to mention that you would like a class session with David Schwartz.