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Select three date options for visiting the Museum in order of your preference. MoMath will assign one of the three dates if availability exists; otherwise, MoMath will respond to you via email to request additional dates for your visit. Standard timing for field trip sessions is 45 minutes; custom timing and options available upon request for an additional fee.

Are you interested in adding the Flexible Rescheduling option? (For details, refer to the Policies page, under “Cancellations.”)
MoMath Virtual Field Trip Packages

Package A: Up to 32 students (+1 teacher)
• $395 for up to 32 students (+1 teacher)
• Private online educator-led, hands-on session

Package B: Up to 64 students (+2 teachers)
• $775 for up to 64 students (+2 teachers)
• Private online educator-led, hands-on session

Package C: Up to 96 students (+3 teachers)
• $1,150 for up to 96 students (+3 teachers)
• Private online educator-led, hands-on session

If you are selecting a package that includes an educator-led activity, please select your desired educator activity here. Information about educator activities can be found at momath.org/online-field-trips.
If your group includes students not in grades K-12, please select "Other" and provide details in the "Additional Notes" section.
In order to help us give your students the best possible experience, please tell us about any special circumstances or requests (such as support for English Language Learners) that you would like to share with us. Additionally, if you have additional dates that your group is available to visit the Museum, please enter them here.
Next Steps Once MoMath has processed your registration, you will receive an email with a price quote asking you to confirm the date, time, and number of students. After you reply to confirm, you will receive an invoice by email. If you are trying to schedule a trip to take place within one week of booking, credit card payment will be due on receipt of invoice. If you are trying to schedule a trip to take place within 30 days of booking, you must pay within three business days, by credit card. Otherwise, payment is due no later than 30 days before the date of your trip. Please be as accurate as possible in booking your trip since MoMath is not able to provide refunds.

Note that if payment is not received by the due date listed above, your reservation will no longer be valid, you will be removed from the Museum’s calendar, and you will need to re-register. Once your reservation has been removed, MoMath cannot guarantee availability for your trip.
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