In-Person Field Trip Activities

All MoMath field trips feature hands-on, grade-appropriate activities illuminating the joy of mathematics to students of all mathematical backgrounds!

Educator-Led Activities

Roll up your sleeves for these 45-minute activities with a MoMath educator, during which students will take a deeper dive into the some of the exhibits at MoMath on Fifth.

  • Solve for X:  an exploration of operations using exhibits such as Sea Saw, Math Unleashed, and Organ Function Grinder (for grades 5 through 12)
  • The Third Dimension:  exploring 3D geometry using exhibits such as Ring of Fire, Polyscope, and Structure Studio (appropriate for all grade levels)
  • Symmetry Playground:  a playful experience with symmetry using exhibits such as Self Reflections, Miles of Tiles, and PolyPaint (for grades K through 8)
  • Cryptography Scavenger Hunt:  explore cryptography and break secret codes to find your way around the exhibits at MoMath on Fifth (for grades 3 through 12)

Collaborative Construction Experiences

Work together during these 45-minute, collaborative group construction experiences.  Activities are appropriate for all grade levels.

  • Leonardome:  Build a giant dome in various patterns based on the ingenious designs of Leonardo da Vinci
  • 4D Frame:  Leave the constraints of orthogonal construction behind as you build giant polyhedral structures
  • DoDecArt:  Learn about the many features of the dodecahedron and create impressive dodecahedral structures
  • Soma Cubes:  Hone your spatial reasoning skills by working together to solve challenging 3D puzzles
  • Play Truchet Challenge:  Create and match intricate patterns while developing visual and mathematical perception

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