Portal: NYC meets Dublin

A demonstration of mathematical connection between
MoMath and Maths Week Ireland

Wednesday, June 12
8:00 am to 8:30 am

(in person at Flatiron South Plaza)

Calling a few math-loving ten-year-olds!  New York City meets Dublin, Ireland, through an engaging new exhibit outside the Flatiron Building.  The Portal allows pedestrians from each of the two cities to see and interact with each other via livestreaming video.

MoMath and the folks who run Maths Week Ireland are partnering to provide a few lucky students with a chance to make a mathematical connection with new friends across the ocean.  Join us for this live demonstration of the way math truly can connect people worldwide.

This event is open to the general public; all are welcome to stop by and observe.  No advance registration is required for viewing the event.

To participate in the live demo, students must register in advance (spots are limited) and be ten years old.



This event will take place at the New York City Portal, located in the Flatiron South Plaza, at East 23rd Street and Broadway (in Manhattan/NYC).

Registration and eligibility

All ages are welcome to observe the event; no advance registration is required for spectators.

To participate in the live demonstration, students must register in advance and be ten years old.  The event carries a registration fee of $5.  Students facing financial difficulty may apply for a fee waiver by emailing scholarships@momath.org.