Mini-MOVES Gathering

Saturday, February 19 through Monday, February 21

(in person/online)

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If you can’t bear the thought of waiting until August to discuss the mathematics of entertaining subjects, there’s good news for you: a Mini-MOVES gathering will take place in person over Presidents’ Day weekend, February 19–21, 2022, to whet our appetites for the full conference in August.

Socialize, collaborate, and share!  At Mini-MOVES, you’ll be able to:

  • Join the MOVES community: meet interesting people and make new friendships
  • Bring your favorite puzzles to share or swap
  • Explore the National Museum of Mathematics
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts at Additions, the shop at MoMath

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions at

This event will take place in-person at MoMath (11 East 26th Street in Manhattan), and selected sessions will be broadcasted online.

Note that masks must be worn at all times inside the Museum and that all visitors ages five and up must show acceptable proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.  (Note: MoMath does not accept digital images or photocopies of vaccination cards.)

Note: The fifth biennial MOVES conference has been postponed to August 7–9, 2022 from its previously scheduled dates in January 2022 due to COVID-19-related restrictions surrounding in-person events at the booked venue.


Schedule of Events

Please note that the schedule is tentative and may be subject to revision.
All times listed below are in Eastern Time (New York).

Saturday, February 19
Time Session
9:30 am

Early entry to MoMath
Sneak into the Museum early for your opportunity to explore your favorite exhibits without the crowds!

11:00 am

Bagel brunch in the park! (weather permitting)
Meet at MoMath for a pleasant walk to a nearby bagel shop where you can pick out your favorite New York bagel to enjoy outside in Madison Square Park.
Meal included in registration with thanks to Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish in the Flatiron District.

12:15 pm

Architectural walk in the park (rain date: Sunday, February 20)
Meander through Madison Square Park with Tim Nissen, MoMath’s Associate Director, who will guide you through the history of the surrounding buildings and more!
In case of rain: Museum tour led by Cindy Lawrence, MoMath’s Executive Director.

1:30 pm

Welcome from Josh Laison and Robert W. Vallin, MOVES Conference organizers, joining us remotely (available for online and in-person registrants)

2:00 pm

“The Puzzle That Will Outlast the Universe” with A.J. Jacobs and Oskar van Deventer (available for online and in-person registrants)
Bestselling author A.J. Jacobs and award-winning puzzle designer Oskar van Deventer (via pre-recorded video) debut their new puzzle, which happens to be the hardest puzzle ever created — or at least the most time-consuming!  This wood-and-plastic monster, called Jacob’s Ladder, requires 1.2 decillion moves to solve.  If you move one peg in the puzzle per second, the universe will end before you solve it.

The puzzle, of which there is only one copy, was created as part of Jacobs’ upcoming book, The Puzzler: One Man’s Quest to Solve the Most Baffling Puzzles Ever, from Crosswords to Jigsaws to the Meaning of Life (Crown, April 26).  Jacobs will unveil the puzzle and discuss the recursive math behind it and how it crushes the previous world record by 13 orders of magnitude.

2:30 pm

Free time in the Museum
From PolyPaint to the Square-Wheeled Trike, Math Square to Enigma Café, explore MoMath’s dynamic exhibits that are designed to stimulate inquiry, spark curiosity, and reveal the wonders of mathematics.  Plus, all Mini-MOVES participants are invited to participate in the following two events at no additional charge:

  • 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Mondrian 150!  Mondrian Day at MoMath (available for in-person registrants)
    Piet Mondrian’s artistic journey from the Netherlands to New York City is a story of creativity that combines the aesthetics of pure geometrical construction with the art of painting.  To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mondrian’s birth, come share in the playfulness of Mondrian’s mathematical art as you discover Mondrian Blocks, an award-winning puzzle and game.  Experts will be on hand at MoMath throughout the day, ready to help you engage in some cognitively challenging puzzles enlivened by Mondrian’s unique design aesthetic.  No registration is needed.  Learn more at  (Walk-ins welcome; no registration required.)
  • 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Krazy Kahoot (available for online and in-person registrants)
    Join MoMath’s favorite math quizmaster Steve Sherman for a fun-filled family game bursting with a wide range of entertaining questions for all ages.  Is your family up for this lively challenge?!  Learn more at  (Advance registration required; please email
4:45 pm

Adult hot chocolate on a rooftop — at sunset!
Enjoy a stunning view of a sunset in NYC from a nearby rooftop while enjoying an adult hot chocolate (or a regular hot chocolate).

6:30 pm

Dinner at Sarabeth’s
Dine with your fellow conference-goers in an outdoor, heated area at a local restaurant. 
Meal included in registration.

Sunday, February 20
Time Event
10:00 am

“Double-crossing Euler” with Barry Cipra (available for online and in-person registrants)
Leonhard Euler famously kickstarted graph theory in 1736, with a proof that the seven bridges of Konigsberg cannot be crossed once and only once on a tour of the city.  But what if someone wanted to cross each bridge twice (once in each direction, without any U-turns)?  We’ll take a brief tour of graphs that can — and graphs that cannot — be “double-crossed.”

10:30 am

“A Story That Doesn’t Die: Women at Work” with Jeanine Meyer (available for online and in-person registrants)
Note: This talk will reference workplace crimes impacting women and is therefore not intended for children. 

In October 1993, The New York Times published an article with a very misleading headline.  While the analysis has since been debunked, the story continues to reappear.  Join an interesting discussion led by Jeanine Meyer about the context of the article and the math behind it.  Questions to ponder include: are the situations in question worthy of news articles?  What would be a good headline?  Why does this story reappear?

11:00 am

“Bias Puzzles” with Peter Winkler, joining us remotely (available for online and in-person registrants)
Among the most confounding of mathematical puzzles are questions about probability, and even more so, those in which one outcome has an “edge” over another.  We’ll explore a few such puzzles, and see if we can figure out what it is about them that leads our intuition astray.

12:00 pm

Museum tour with Executive Director & CEO Cindy Lawrence
Join Museum Director Cindy Lawrence for a tour of MoMath, including some behind-the-scenes stories of the Museum’s creation and some sharing of the hidden math in MoMath.
Or, in case of rain on Saturday: Architectural Walk in the Park led by Tim Nissen, MoMath’s Associate Director.

1:00 pm –
4:00 pm

Lunch on your own and free time
Grab a bite on your own or explore one of many local nearby eateries with other conference attendees.

2:00 pm –
5:00 pm

Cognitive Games
We are happy to offer free participation in this in-person event to all in-person Mini-MOVES participants.

Eager to develop your problem-solving intuition and train your mind to strategically tackle complex challenges?  Try cognitive games!  Mondrian Blocks and Smart Egg are two intriguingly brainy games that present a wide range of puzzling play.  Join us throughout the day at MoMath to explore and play with these games, to meet a member of the design team behind the games, and to get a sneak peek at prototypes of some of the team’s newest ideas.  No registration is needed.  Learn more at

4:00 pm

Show and Tell — with Puzzles!
Bring your favorite puzzles to share, present a puzzle that has you stumped, or just chat with fellow conference-goers about the joys — and challenges — of solving puzzles.

5:00 pm

Conference Farewell
Depart in small groups for dinner on your own and bid each other a fond farewell — until we meet again, in August! 

Mark your calendars now for the full MOVES conference, August 7–9, 2022 in New York City, featuring keynote speakers (in person, we hope!): Yoshi Anpuku, Tanya Khovanova, Scott Kim, Oskar van Deventer, and Peter Winkler.

Monday, February 21
Time Event
10:00 am –
5:00 pm

Monday is expected to be a travel day for most conference attendees, but the Museum will remain open to you all day, free of charge.


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