Math Outreach Seminar and Training (MOST) Program

July 2023 – May 2024
with an in-person training seminar July 12–14, 2023 in New York City

Are you a female mathematician early in your career or a female math PhD student interested in sharing your passion for mathematics with others?  Apply to join the Math Outreach Seminar and Training (MOST) program! 

This program starts in July with a multi-day training seminar hosted by the National Museum of Mathematics in collaboration with the Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT) in New York City.  Participants will join a selective cohort of female mathematicians to develop their ability to share their knowledge and research with the general public in an engaging, easily accessible way.

Through training with the PIT, participants will sharpen their diction and word choice, develop an economy of words, and identify their unique presentation style.  By speaking passionately about their area of mathematics and receiving feedback from their peers as well as from outreach experts from the MoMath community, participants will refine their voice and style as they create a talk designed to share their area of mathematical expertise with a general audience.

Then, over the course of the coming year, each participant will also present her talk to groups of young women, discussing her field of expertise and reaching hundreds of girls to excite them about math and serve as a role model as a female professional working in STEM.

Apply today!