2018 Manhattan Middle School Math Tournament

Thanks to all the participants in the 2018 Manhattan Con Edison MoMathlon, presented by the National Museum of Mathematics with support from the Collegiate School.

The 2018 Manhattan Con Edison MoMathlon was held on Friday, April 27, 2018, at the Collegiate School.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and to all of the winners!

Team Round Winners

1st place – Hunter College High School B
2nd place – NEST+m
3rd place – Hunter College High School A
4th place – Primoris Academy
5th place – The Brearley School A

Individual Winners, 7th grade and below

1st place – Justin Lee, Primoris Academy
2nd place – Andrew Brahms, Primoris Academy
3rd place – Tony Kim, Primoris Academy
4th place – Jason Chen, Hunter College High School
5th place – Kai Mawhinney, Poly Ed

Individual Winners, 8th grade

1st place – Eileen Ye, The Brearley School
2nd place – Jerry Liang, NEST+m
3rd place – William Ning, Hunter College High School
4th place – Alvin Li, Hunter College High School
5th place – Henry Wang, Hunter College High School

Manhattan 1st place

Manhattan 2nd place