2016 Queens Middle School Math Tournament

Thanks to all the participants in the 2016 Queens Con Edison MoMathlon, presented by the National Museum of Mathematics with support from Queens College.

The 2016 Queens Con Edison MoMathlon was held on  Monday, April 4, 2016, at Queens College, City University of New York.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and to all of our winners!

Team Round Winners

1st Place – Russell Sage JHS 190, group C
2nd Place – IS 126Q, group A
3rd Place – Rachel Carson IS 237
4th Place – JHS 157
5th Place – The 30th Avenue School Q300, group A

Individual Winners, 7th grade and below

1st Place – Benjamin Gallai, Russell Sage JHS 190
2nd Place – Ivy Zhu, Russell Sage JHS 190
3rd Place – Matthew Hui, Russell Sage JHS 190
4th Place – Ivan Li, Russell Sage JHS 190
5th Place – Ishita Gupta, JHS 157

Individual Winners, 8th grade

1st Place – Henry Liu, I.S. 126Q
2nd Place – Kevin Cai, JHS 157
3rd Place – Shirley Yang, Rachel Carson IS 237
4th Place – Amara Shein, Russell Sage JHS 190
5th Place – Shayan Nomani, IS 126Q

Queens 1st place

Queens 2nd place