Math Monday: Recurring Themes at Bridges

by Glen Whitney

Just two more posts on the mathematical wonders found at Bridges 2013 — not because there wouldn’t be more material, but because there are so many other topics to pursue. Today’s post focuses again on themes which have occurred earlier in the annals of Math Mondays and which showed up with some very sophisticated examples at Bridges.

First, the platonic set in the world of mathematical kites is, I believe, completed with the following lovely examples by Ton Oostven entitled “icosader/water,” “dodecaeder/space,” and “octaeder/air.”


Second, some nearly planar origami in the spirit of Shadowfolds: “Mother’s Day — Pansy” and “19 Hexagons — Honay” by Harlina Rosiszewska-Narloch.


And finally for today, a couple of different takes on art from mathematical knots and links: “Borromean Five” by Marc Chamberland and “Homage to Gauss” and “Self-crossing Moebius Band” by Dimitri Kozlov.




Math Mondays will wrap up its coverage of Bridges 2013 in one more post.

This article first appeared on Make: Online, October 7, 2013.

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