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Note: Through August 2022, Math Encounters
will take place on the second Wednesday of the month.

Math Encounters is MoMath’s popular free public presentation series celebrating the spectacular world of mathematics, produced with support from the Simons Foundation.  For further information, call the National Museum of Mathematics at 212-542-0566 or email

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Math Encounters:

“Error-Correcting Codes: The Mathematics of Communication”

featuring Nathan Kaplan

Wednesday, July 13
4:00 pm and 7:00 pm ET (New York)

(in person/online)

Suppose we are trying to communicate over a “noisy channel.”  There is some probability that the information I send is not the information you receive.  We could communicate more reliably by agreeing to repeat the intended message multiple times, but there is a cost to this repetition.  A major goal in the theory of error-correcting codes is to understand how to efficiently build redundancy into messages so that we can identify and correct errors.  Join mathematician Nathan Kaplan as he introduces us to the ideas that go into the mathematics of communication and shares several neat examples of problems we can solve using ideas from coding theory, including “Hat Problems,” “Twenty Questions with Lies,” and strategies for gambling on soccer matches in Finland.

Special introduction by Tony Fisher, Principal, Hunter College High School.


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