2021 MoMath Masters

To fully enjoy the 2021 Masters, please carefully review the instructions below.

Prior to the event

Your Zoom display name: Upon connecting to the Zoom event, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room as we check in guests.  It is best that your Zoom profile name include your first name and last name, matching the name with which you were registered.  If your name will be different from your first and last name as shown on our guest list, or if you are not certain of your registration, please email us in advance with your Zoom display name.  For assistance, see Zoom’s instructions on how to check and update your display name.

Upgrade Zoom: For the best viewing experience, please be sure to run the latest version of Zoom, which will allow you to view multiple speakers at the same time; click here for instructions on how to determine which version you are currently running.  If you do not have the latest version, you are encouraged to update your Zoom software at zoom.com/download.  Note that Zoom is not providing updates automatically; you must visit the Zoom website and click on “Download” to install the most recent version of Zoom.

Dress code

Comfortably festive attire — from the waist up — is welcome!

Schedule of Masters Events

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm: Cocktail Hour

At the Cocktail Hour, all attendees are invited to bring their own drinks, chat casually with one another, and be entertained by The Daily Show comedian Roy Wood Jr., magician-to-the-stars Mark Mitton, and jazz saxophonist Marcus Miller.  Mix and mingle on Zoom.

7:30 pm and onward: Welcome and Finals Round

The program will begin at 7:30 pm ET (New York) on Zoom.  Chess grandmaster and former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz kick off this portion of the evening with opening remarks.  Then, finalists from the First Round are announced and the Finals Round commences at 8:00 pm ET (New York)!

Finalists must be present in the Zoom room at 7:30 pm ET (New York) in order to participate in the Finals Round.


At the conclusion of the formal program, you are invited to join the casual Masters after-party, the Aftermath, where you can mingle with Masters guests, the MoMath team, and other attendees who choose to linger.

*Note: all times are approximate and subject to change.


The program for the 2021 MoMath Masters will be available at masters2021program.momath.org.

Contact Us

For help using Zoom, a teleconferencing platform, see Zoom’s help page or FAQs.

Contact MoMath for assistance: call 212-542-0566 or email mastershelp@momath.org.