Egg-citing Illuminations: Where Math Meets Art on the Canvas of the Humble Egg

Friday, March 22
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

(in person)

Join us for an unforgettable evening celebrating the mesmerizing artistry of decorated eggs and the rich traditions of the Carpathian Basin that bring them to life.

Explore the fascinating history and symbolism behind these intricate creations through hands-on workshops, live Hungarian folk music, and more.

  • Exhibit.  Experience a captivating 120-piece decorated egg exhibit by Ildikó Fekete, featuring beautifully adorned eggs that showcase the unique blend of math and culture.  Be the first to view these stunning works of art, on display at MoMath.
  • Lecture.  Immerse yourself in a short lecture by Ildikó Fekete as she delves into the rich history and symbolism behind decorated eggs, connecting cultures and transcending time. Discover the mathematical precision behind the ornate patterns, from rotational to reflectional symmetry, which underpin these mesmerizing designs.
  • Wax resist egg decorating.  Engage in hands-on workshops and try your hand at wax resist dyeing, a traditional technique used to create intricate patterns on eggs.  Guided by Ildikó Fekete, create your own personally decorated egg to take home.
  • Rosette painting.  Immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional Hungarian folk art as you create stunning rosette ornaments, adding your own artistic flair to this timeless craft.
  • String game.  Get tangled up in the fun of the traditional string game, Cat’s Cradle.  Explore its intricate patterns and shapes and experience the satisfaction of crafting the string and rope yourself through felt making and rope making.
  • Egg hunt.  Embark on an exciting treasure hunt adventure, searching for personalized goody bags hidden throughout the venue (for kids 14 and under).  Join in the thrill of the hunt and discover delightful surprises along the way.
  • Take-home art.  Each group will receive a personally decorated egg by Ildikó Fekete as a gift, a tangible piece of the evening’s experience.
  • Treats.  Enjoy delicious Hungarian baked goods!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness the enchanting world where math meets art in the form of beautifully decorated eggs.  It’s an experience designed for all ages, promising not only a deeper understanding of this remarkable art but also a creative, hands-on adventure to cherish, brought to you jointly by the Tulipán Foundation and MoMath.


About Ildikó Fekete — the artist

Ildikó, a mathematician by profession, is also an accomplished egg decorator and folk artist from Hungary.  Her enchantment with decorated eggs began during her childhood and has evolved into a lifelong passion.  Over the years, she has dedicated her time to meticulously studying and cataloging the egg-decorating traditions of Hungarian regions where these cultural practices are preserved.

Ildikó Fekete holds a degree in mathematics and works full-time in the field of informatics.  In her spare time, she has managed to curate a remarkable collection of over 5,000 eggs, a testament to her dedication and precision.  With the support of the Tulipán Foundation, Ildikó expanded her research to include the decorative motifs of Slovak, Polish, and Czech wax-resistant decorated eggs.  Her efforts have placed Hungarian wax-resistant decorated eggs within a broader Central European context.

She is the recipient of the Junior Prima Award (2015) and the Young Master of Folk Art Award (2016) in Hungary.  Her work has been exhibited worldwide, including locations such as Bashkiria, Beijing, New York, Sydney, and Tel Aviv.  In 2019, she published her first book, Message Written in Wax, in Hungarian and English.