ZipStix Instructions

Triaugmented Triangular Prism, the convex deltahedron with 14 faces

Pieces required: 21 ZipStix and 9 releasable zipties

1. Follow the first three steps of the instructions for the regular icosahedron exactly.

2. Choose two “fringe” ZipStix (ZipStix that have one attached end and one unattached end) that have their attached ends connected to two different corners of the triangle. Link the free ends of these two ZipStix to each other, with two additional ZipStix at the junction. This should have added a second triangle on one side of the first triangle created in the initial steps.

3. Repeat step 2 for each of the other two sides of the initial triangle. This should create a large triangle made out of four smaller triangles, with one fringe ZipStik at the middle of each side, and two fringe ZipStix at each of the corners.

4. Take one of the solo fringe ZipStix from a middle of the side of the large triangle, and one fringe ZipStik from each of the adjacent two corners. Link these three together with two additional ZipStix.

5. Again, take one of the solo fringe ZipStix, one fringe ZipStik from each of the adjacent two corners, one of the new fringe ZipStix just added in the previous step, and the last unused ZipStik, and link them together.

6. Link all of the remaining fringe ZipStix together.

7. Make sure the structure seems to have taken on the proper shape, and if so, pull all of the junctions tight.


Open the gallery below to view photos of instruction steps.