ZipStix Instructions

Gyroelongated Square Bipyramid, the convex deltahedron with 16 faces

Pieces required: 24 ZipStix and 10 zipties.

1. Make an octagon of eight ZipStix using eight zipties. Each ZipStik is attached to one other at each end, around in a cycle of eight of them.

2. By un-linking and relinking the junctions, connect each corner of the octagon to the corners exactly two ZipStix away along the octagon. This will force the original octagon to zigzag up and down, and will create two new square faces and eight triangular faces of a solid called a square antiprism.

3. Now link four unused ZipStix at one end.

4. Repeat step 3 with the last four ZipStix.

5. Take the assembly created in step 3 and attach its four unlinked ends to the four corners of a square face of the structure created in step 2 (by unlinking and relinking junctions). This step has the effect of “gluing on” a square pyramid onto one square face of the square antiprism.

6. Similarly, connect the four loose ends of the assembly from step 4 to the four corners of the other square face of the structure from step 2.

7. If all looks well, tighten all of the junctions.


Open the gallery below to view photos of instruction steps.