Tween Primes

Now offering online programming!

MoMath brings its popular Volumes book club to a younger audience.  Like to read?  Like math or wish you did?  Join us online for Tween Primes, the MoMath book club for tweens and teens (ages 10-17).  Friends and good math reads: what better way to spend an evening?

Math Talk: Mathematical Ideas in Poems for Two Voices by Theoni Pappas

Sunday, July 26, at 5:30 pm EDT (New York)

Who would have ever thought there was a direct way to connect mathematical concepts to poetry?  Creative juices were certainly at work when this book of mathematical dialogues was created by Theoni Pappas, who also wrote The Joy of Mathematics and The Adventures of Penrose, the Mathematical Cat.  Math Talk presents a new way to enjoy and learn mathematical ideas through poetic dialogues read by two people.  Call up a friend, take turns as you read each poem, and join MoMath’s book club for teens and tweens as we explore the many beautiful connections between math and poetry.

Note: this is an online program.