Triangle Unit Rap

By Anup Somalwar

My name is Mr. Somalwar and I’m in 428,
Everyday I want to do something great,
I teach Algebra, Geo, and Algebrometry,
I try to fill my students’ brains with knowledge like a tree,
My students hate proofs with a passion,
However, I’m not sure why is that their reaction?

Math is everywhere, even in your hair
From fractals to quadratic curves,
the math may get on your nerves.
Knowledge is power so don’t get sour.
I teach the you the tips and tricks so you don’t get caught up in the mix.

Right now, we are covering Altitudes and Medians.
It’s so interesting I want to measure in radians.
Did you know a radian is 57 degrees?
That’s an acute angle. It’s less than 90 degrees!
You’ll need to know about radians when you get to Trigonometry.
But for now, you can be relaxed and still pass my class.

The orthocenter is the place where all three altitudes meet.
Altitudes are like streets that meet at 90 degrees.
Medians are my other favorite, they can be adjacent!
They’ll take you on ride from the vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side.

I throw my hands up as I talk about Congruent Figures.
Triangle ABC is congruent to triangle DEF by ASA if you consider!
Learning about CPCT will make you affluent.
You’ll gain respect and the math will become more lucid.
Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles can be confusing.
However, one has all angles and sides that are congruent!

We learned about the Pythagorean Theorem and its uses.
Pythagoras was credited with the theorem, but was it just a ruse?
Ancient Egypt, China, and Babylonia had knowledge before him.
Simplifying radicals by hand so we don’t have to rely on a calculator.
These skills are helping us take a bite out of Geometry like an alligator!
Hypotenuse leg theorem allows us to show two triangles are the same
Helping make math feel like a game.

I hope you enjoyed the rap, as it was intended.
Come for tutoring if you need your knowledge extended.
Thanks for listening, we’ll be dropping a mixtape like no other soon enough.
Drake, we’re waiting for you to call our bluff!
So far gone on our Geometry flow, I know,
it’s time for you to give it a go.