Summer Camp 2021

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Students will experience the richness of mathematics with America’s only museum dedicated to math.  Through interactive education sessions, creative projects, and supervised independent activities, math will come alive for each and every participant.

The Museum offers a mixed-ages camp with attentive camp counselors at every level.  The Epsilons level for rising first through third graders focuses on instilling a love for mathematics.  The Deltas level for rising fourth through sixth graders allows campers to fully explore their mathematical interests.  The Gammas level for rising seventh through ninth graders will provide a deep dive into advanced mathematical knowledge and skills.

MoMath’s talented staff will keep campers engaged and entertained with grade-appropriate activities, and the program’s curriculum will feature interactive learning in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Whether your child is already passionate about mathematics or just starting to explore its wonders, Transformations will expose your child to cool areas of mathematics not covered in school and stoke the flames for a lifelong appreciation of mathematics.

Transformations 2021 offers ten one-week sessions, from June 28 through September 3.  Registration coming soon!

2021 Camp Themes

Transformations 2021 offers four inspiring mathematical themes for rising 1st through 6th graders.

Fibonacci and Beyond! 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.  In this sequence, each number is the sum of the two before it, and they form one of the most famous sequences in all of mathematics.  Come investigate the Fibonacci sequence and other iconic mathematical progressions, learn these number patterns, and discover the mathematical wonders they reveal.

Mathemagical Marvels.  Did you know that mathematics lies behind countless magic tricks?  Discover the illuminating math underlying magic and develop problem-solving skills to uncover magic’s mathematical mysteries.  Become a mathemagician, perform your prestidigitation, and astound your family and friends!

Puzzle Me This.  Exercise and entertain your brain with intriguing puzzles, games, paradoxes, and other mathematical recreations.  Have fun and expand your knowledge while developing strategies and exploring such areas of mathematics as graph theory, geometry, and logic.  Amuse, challenge, and surprise yourself as you learn to solve these perplexing puzzles.

What Are the Chances?  When something unexpected happens, is it just luck?  Sometimes events that seem random are in fact more likely than we might have thought.  From simple games to important decisions, a better understanding of chance helps us make wise choices.  Learn about probability – it is full of surprises.  Come try your luck!


Transformations 2021 offers one deep-diving mathematical theme for rising 4th through 9th graders.

Infinities of Infinities.  Can you flip a coin “infinity” times?  How can pi have “infinity” digits?  Is infinity even a number?  One of the most mystical concepts in all of mathematics, infinity stretches the rules and leads to fascinating paradoxes.  Explore the infinite while discovering the wonders of numbers so large you can’t even imagine them.

Camper Sections

Campers will be divided into three sections for age- and grade-appropriate instruction:

Epsilons (for students entering 1st through 3rd grade in fall 2021)

Deltas (for students entering 4th through 6th grade in fall 2021)

Gammas (for students entering 7th through 9th grade in fall 2021)

Attentive camp counselors ensure fun while learning.  Our small section sizes encourage individualized instruction and allow opportunities for campers to explore and gain a deeper understanding of mathematics.