Help MoMath Update Seeing Math

Do you like to take photos? Do you see math in the world around you? If you answered “yes” to both questions, now is your opportunity to contribute a favorite mathematical photo to MoMath’s Seeing Math contest. Winning photos will be displayed on the large screen in the Museum as part of this visual tour of the mathematical world around us.

Sculpture FishFishFish

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your ideas and concepts highlighted in the Museum. To enter the Seeing Math contest, please email your original photographic image (no photoshopping please) together with the formulae or commentary that would overlay the image. Some categories that are already included in Seeing Math are: nature, the built environment, and animals; however, feel free to explore whatever other ideas you may feel are mathematical.

Winning images will be added to the exhibit. Please submit all entries to The contest will run until the end of 2016; winners will be notified by email.

Share your images on social media with #SeeingMath

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Please note that pictures shared through social media will also need to be emailed to for official contest consideration.

By submitting an entry, all images and commentary submitted become the property of the National Museum of Mathematics.

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