Quadrivium, MoMath’s Math+Music Salon

Quadrivium brings together the creative and technical communities in NYC and creates a space where learning and growth are filled with fun, wonder, and warmth.  This after-hours event is hosted by Harvard-trained mathematician and popular jazz saxophonist Marcus Miller and special guests.  Catch this exciting discussion and performance, then stick around for the after-event, featuring music by DJ Luna Rosa and a lively dance party on Manhattan’s only Voronoi dance floor.

Upcoming Quadrivium presentations:

Friday, April 12, 8:00 pm

How do we solve problems?  What do math and music have to do with finding solutions?  Because of their abstract nature, these two disciplines are useful in training our minds to develop systematic and powerful methods to address thorny issues.  The best practices, attitudes, and mindsets for composers, improvisors, and mathematicians are under constant refinement by practitioners of these disciplines and can be transferred to all aspects of life, including business, interpersonal relationships, and the arts.  Join Marcus Miller, Harvard-trained mathematician and popular jazz saxophonist, and guest Rob Schneiderman, Professor of Mathematics at Lehman college and jazz pianist, as they entertain and enlighten us during an engaging and musical evening focused on the art of problem solving.  

Friday, April 12