Quadrivium, MoMath’s Math+Music Salon

Quadrivium brings together the creative and technical communities in NYC and creates a space where learning and growth are filled with fun, wonder, and warmth.  This after-hours event is hosted by Harvard-trained mathematician and popular jazz saxophonist Marcus Miller and special guests.  Catch this exciting discussion and performance, then stick around for the after-event, featuring music by DJ Luna Rosa and a lively dance party on Manhattan’s only Voronoi dance floor.

MoMath is delighted to welcome Paul D. Miller, otherwise known as DJ Spooky, to the June edition of Quadrivium.  As a musician, composer, multimedia artist, and philosopher, DJ Spooky has a profound and insightful take on society’s relationship with technology, history, and nature.  Join us in exploring the mathematics of sound as a physical phenomenon and as used in the construction of DJ Spooky’s musical work.  

Saturday, June 15