Lyrics by Jose Martinez
Based on “Grown Simba (Instrumental)” by J. Cole

Pi Rap — Listen

I’m not a place or a time
Or a phase or a line
A sign to combine
Or a tan to cosine
I’m not a new thing
I’m not indefinite
Hold my identity
You’ll never see an end to me
I’ll never be without the 3.

See I’m the one four it, one the five bit
Nine two sixty five back at thirty five-ing it
Eight nine greater than seven nine
Thinking of math you probably got me on your mind
Got me on your mind
You probably got me on your mind
Got me on your mind

I come off as intriguing/ sign is deceiving
It’s been two-fifty years
And my sense is still living
Two-fifty years, hold praise to the giving

Simply put I’m mathematical/like a radical
On the 14th of March I’m headlining articles
So special that I stick out
In equations I’m last out
Or sometimes I stay in so you can take them all out
I make it easy on you, simply for you
No need to solve me, do the next question too.

I stay repping one-eighty/ degrees is the daily
A whole day to me Jones saw the potential
I act as a ratio of c to d of a circle
I am that one sign you all used to encircle

So If you haven’t guessed it, I guess I’ll confess it
I am Mr. Pi, pi not meant for eating
I am the math pi, the pi that you’re meeting
Is meant for all ages, so whoever is hearing
I’ll tell you a secret, this one’s for the books
Hold three point fourteen to a mirror and look
This one’s a surprise I hope you enjoy
Because along with the stress I also bring joy.
I also bring joy I also bring joy yeah I also bring joy