MoMath celebrates Pi Day 2016

MoMath’s celebration of Pi day on 3/14/16 was a great success. The event marked the date in the entire century that most closely approximates pi to the ten-thousandths position (3.1416).

The morning began with Meaning of Pi, an audience-participatory demonstration that brought to life what pi is, what it does, and how we know about it, using MoMath’s Square-Wheeled Trike exhibit.

At 11:30 am, participants headed outside for Rhythmic Rotations, a hula-hooping contest in honor of pi, the circular constant. The hoops were huge! Check out the amazing video to watch a few brave New Yorkers take on the Huge (11.5 foot!) Hula challenge.

Next was a group build of Apollonian Apertures, the 9-foot fractal circles-within-circles sculpture that embodies a minor miracle of mapmaking. See photos of the completed structure below.

The afternoon featured the brilliant inventor of KenKen®, Tetsuya Miyamoto, who shared the secrets that led to the creation of KenKen and and invited participants to try their hands at a series of hand-crafted and challenging new KenKen puzzles.