Options for In-School Educator-Led Workshops

All MoMath educator-led sessions feature hands-on, grade-appropriate activities illuminating the joy of mathematics to students of all mathematical backgrounds.  


Session Descriptions

Shape Shifters (grades pre-K through 2)
Shapes are all around us and form the basic building blocks of modern life.  Using wooden squares, rectangles, rhombi, trapezoids, and hexagons, discover how shapes are different from each other and how mathematicians identify and name them.  Through games and interactive activities, explore geometrical symmetries and how to construct polygons with many sides, including the tetracontakaihexagon!


Möbius Madness (grades 3 through 6)
Join us to construct fascinating topological objects such as Möbius bands, discovering their fundamental patterns and structures.  Through hands-on activities, uncover the surprising properties hidden around every twist and turn!



Crazy Dice (grades 5 through 8)
What is the probability of rolling a given sum with a pair of standard dice?  Explore how to determine that probability and then have fun while challenging yourself to find a different way of numbering the dice to achieve the very same probability!  



Topological Tic-Tac-Toe (grades 7 through 12)
Discover fun and challenging ways to play the familiar game of tic-tac-toe on alternative topological surfaces.  Make mind-bending modifications to the typical 3×3 game board and develop new strategies to master these mathematically enhanced games.