MoMath Educator Sessions: Graph Theory (Grades 4 through 12)
A graph is a simple mathematical object that is useful for studying connections between absolutely anything! Graphs can help us study everything from the internet to transportation networks, and from ecological systems to groups of friends. Wherever things are connected or related to each other, graph theory is there. The programs offered in graph theory offer different introductions to the subject, highlighting the intuitive and creative problem solving that makes graph theory so much fun. 
From Prussia, with Math! (Grades 4 through 12)
Students are introduced to graph theory via the original problem it was developed to solve: taking a scenic stroll over all seven of the bridges of Königsburg, Prussia. Working with their classmates, they will discover the mathematics of constructing paths on graphs, encountering both classical problems as well as problems that remain unsolved today!
Graphs of the Rainbow (Grades 7 through 12)
Working in small groups, students learn the many shades of graph coloring problems, including how to use graphs to color a map so that no two regions that share a border have the same color. More advanced problems with graph coloring are examined, including some open problems.
Graph Games (Grades 9 through 12)
Various competitive and cooperative games are played on graphs, introducing students to some of the methods that mathematicians use to study the fundamental structure and characteristics of graphs.

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