Just Give Me A Theorem

Lyrics by Kelsey Watts
Sung to the tune of “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink, Jeff Bhasker, and Nate Ruess

Right from the start, geometry was really hard
I didn’t know the theorems
We learned about triangles and circles and other shapes
but some things, I really feared them
and they were concurrent lines (oh oh)
mush have at least three this time (oh no)
tell me that you have enough lines that intersect

Just give me a theorem, only one isn’t enough
If you wanna ace all the geometry tests
you need to learn each one of them
You just need to look, they’re written in all the textbooks, it’s all good.
To pass all of the tests, you need to learn all the theorems!

The orthocenter is where all three altitudes are concurrent
The incenter has the angle bisectors (yeah, where they intersect)
My head is running wild with theorems
So the centroid is where all three medians intersect (it’s two thirds from the vertex)
The last one is the circumcenter oh
This one is where the perpendicular
bisectors of the sides intersect, they intersect
oh they intersect oh


I don’t understand, how do you find them
Find the equations of two lines but you’re not done
Use a system of equations
There’s a shortcut for the centroid:
Find the average of the abscissas and ordinates
Coordinate geometry!

Chorus x2