Upcoming Concert:

Featuring performances by Mark Steinberg & Marija Stroke and a discussion with Harvard string theorist Cumrun Vafa

Albert Einstein said, “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” Einstein played violin all his life and was particularly devoted to the music of Mozart and Bach. In this multi-media presentation, violinist Mark Steinberg of the Brentano String Quartet and pianist Marija Stroke perform Bruce Adolphe’s score for the film Einstein’s Light, with stunning visualizations by Nickolas Barris projected on screen. Listen to the music then hear Harvard string theorist Cumrun Vafa discuss the physics.

Cumrun Vafa
Bruce Adolphe Mark Steinberg Marija Stroke

Cumrun Vafa

About the Harmonic Series:

Math and music join forces for the Harmonic Series, an exciting quarterly program presented by MoMath.  Hosted by public radio’s “Piano Puzzler” Bruce Adolphe, each event brings together different musicians, composers, and mathematicians — and some who are all three at once — in conversation and performance.  Enjoy the best of both worlds as these talented minds play live music and participate in an ongoing discussion about the artistic and logical intersections of these two disciplines. So that the conversations may continue, each performance will be followed by a wine and cheese reception hosted by the National Museum of Mathematics.

Please note, as with most concerts, appropriate audience behavior is required. While we are pleased to welcome children, they need to sit quietly and attentively throughout the performance. Children who are disruptive, even if unintentionally so, will be asked to leave, and no refunds will be given.

Videos of previous Harmonic Series concerts, edited by Mike Andrejkovics: