Polygons, Patterns, and Symmetry (Grades Pre-K through 5)
The concepts of shape, symmetry, and pattern lie at the foundation of mathematical thinking, yet they can lead to the forefront of mathematical knowledge. Programs exploring these concepts are used to guide even the youngest students in activities designed to encourage creativity and exploration using basic properties of polygons.
Shape Shifters (Grades Pre-K through 2)
Shapes are all around us, and form the basic building blocks of modern life. Using wooden squares, rectangles, rhombi, trapezoids, and hexagons, students will discover how shapes are different from each other and how mathematicians identify and name them. Interactive activities and games will teach students about geometrical symmetries and how to construct polygons with many sides, including the tetracontakaihexagon!
Tessellation Station (Grades 2 through 5)
From nature to art to architecture, tessellations, or infinite tiling patterns, offer a creative way to understand geometry outside the classroom. Working together in small groups, students will learn about tessellations and how to make them from familiar shapes. By constructing tessellating tiles, students will explore the symmetries of polygons through the lenses of both geometry and art.
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