Family Fridays at MoMath
Presented by Two Sigma

Upcoming presentation

Festive fold: make a uniquely valuable star for the holidays

Friday, December 9 at 6:30 pm ET (New York)

(in person/online)

Thinking about what to buy for those hard-to-shop-for family and friends?  Wondering whether a gift card is the way to go?  Wait!  There’s a new, even more versatile option, just in time for the holidays — a uniquely mathematical and artistic gift — folded money!  Using five one-dollar bills (or larger bills, or paper) and under the expert guidance of MoMath favorite instructor Kathleen Sheridan, we will construct a lovely five-pointed star.  A unique folding sequence and strong lock bring plenty of math into the equation, while symmetry and elegance make for a beautiful, star-shaped, decorative element for the holidays.  Bring your own CRISP bills or use paper provided by MoMath for your own model.  Come fold with us!

Family Fridays is designed to bring family members of all ages together to enjoy a diverse array of engaging mathematical activities, promoting interest and enthusiasm among kids and adults alike.

Here’s what participants have to say:

“I was very impressed at how such a program could be presented that truly worked for all ages!  I, at 68, was as fascinated as the kids.  It was fun watching them grabbing what they could and happily keeping up with the activities.”

“Super excellent for all ages — one of best programs ever (not just Family Fridays — all programs everywhere!)”

“Wow!  It’s the first time we are attending Family Friday series.  We are so impressed!  You guys are amazing!  Thank you!”

Thanks to the generous support of Two Sigma, this program is free to attendees.

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