Family Fridays at MoMath
Presented by Two Sigma

Family Fridays is designed to bring families together to enjoy a diverse array of engaging mathematical activities, promoting interest and enthusiasm among kids and adults alike.  The activities are designed so that all attendees, regardless of age, can participate on an equal footing.  Thanks to the generous support of Two Sigma, this program is free to attendees.

Upcoming presentations:

“Math in Transit” with Po-Shen Loh
December 13, at 6:30 pm

In New York, getting from Point A to Point B is much more complicated than jumping into a car and driving down the highway.  Efficient travel is an art, with options including taxis, buses, subways, and trains, all interacting with both planned construction and unplanned delays.  Join Po-Shen Loh, social entrepreneur, founder of multiple math learning platforms, Carnegie Mellon University Math professor, and national coach of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team, to think about the familiar world of transit creatively through a mathematical lens — and perhaps even make some new observations about everyday life.

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