Math Unfolded: An Exhibit of Mathematical Origami Art

Open now through January 5, 2020
(Free with Museum admission)

Start with a piece of flat paper, make a few folds, and suddenly you have a landscape of mountains and valleys, shadows and light.  Make more folds and you have an object that is deeply surprising in its transformation and artistic beauty.  Math Unfolded is a temporary exhibition in Composite, the gallery at MoMath, that demonstrates how origami artists can persuade paper to embody the beauty of mathematics.  Come see the creations of over 20 artists who use mathematical inventions and interpretations to create compelling works of art.  This exhibition is curated by Charlene Morrow, the Board Chair of OrigamiUSA, and Wendy Zeichner, the CEO of OrigamiUSA.

Don’t miss these events with the artists and one of the curators behind this exhibit!

Meet the Curator:

  • September 28: Curator tour with Wendy Zeichner

Meet the Artist events:

  • October 3: Jeannine Mosely
  • October 15: Ben Parker
  • October 23: Uyen Nguyen
  • November 8: Matt Shlian
  • November 13: Duks Koschitz
  • November 21: Faye Goldman
  • December 10: Workshop led by Uyen Nguyen
  • December 17: Adrienne Sack

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