Alternative Perspective

Members-Only Sneak Preview


MoMath is thrilled to present a groundbreaking new art show in Composite, the gallery at MoMath — virtually!  In Alternative Perspective, artist Anton Bakker takes us on a journey into a world of mathematical beauty with an added twist: a change in perspective seems to change the very reality of the object before you.  Anton’s sculptures, executed in steel, bronze, or as digital interactives, fix points in space that, as the eye connects them, reveal harmonious alignments as three-dimensional paths.  Lines, curves, knots, spirals, Möbius strips, optical illusions, and fractals — all are explored in this highly engaging virtual show.  Bakker’s work is complemented by two special pieces: an unusual and surprising work by engineers-turned-artists Walt van Ballegooijen and Hans Kuiper and a creative mathematical sculpture by former Bell Labs scientist Alan White.