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MathPlay colorful word

MathPlay for Trapezoids (4s): "Opposites and Superlatives"

Thursday, December 3 at 3:00 pm ET (New York)

Children will do the opposite of whatever "Simon Says": sit if he says to stand, smile if he says to frown.  They will identify the biggest or smallest image within sets of three.  The story Tall and Short will introduce children to animal opposites: heavyweight hippos and light-as-a-feather frogs, speedy cheetahs and slow turtles.

Materials needed: activity sheets to be provided (to be printed prior to session) and one marker or pencil.

December 3rd, 2020 from  3:00 pm to  3:30 pm
MoMath Online
United States
Event Fee(s)
Registration fee (spring special) $25.00
Registration plus $25 donation to support families in need (spring special) $50.00
Fee waived (for families with financial need; max 1 session per family) $0.00