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Math Encounters is a public presentation series celebrating the spectacular world of mathematics and presented by the Simons Foundation and the Museum of Mathematics. For further information, call the Museum of Mathematics at (212) 542-0566 or e-mail

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Angela Vierling-Claassen Math Encounters July 6 poster

Expand your horizons with Angela Vierling-Claassen, who forges connections between math and the arts. How did mathematical pursuits lead to revolutionary new artistic forms? How are the big ideas of mathematics— symmetry, scale, and infinity—used by artists and designers? Share Angela's unique perspective to discover how math and art inevitably collide.

Please note, this presentation is designed to be accessible and engaging to a general audience. As a rule of thumb, it would best be enjoyed by participants age 12 and up.

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July 6th, 2011 from  6:30 pm to  8:30 pm
55 Lexington Avenue
Baruch College Conference Center
14th Floor
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone: (212) 542-0566