Join the MoMath Roundtable! If you’re a K-8 educator who wants to enjoy or improve your relationship with math, don’t miss the next installation of the Math Teachers’ Circle at MoMath. Start the school year off right and join us for an evening of creative math play and camaraderie. Educators of other grade levels also welcome.

“Spying Spaces with Sneaky Snippets”
Given an arbitrary room full of valuables, how many eagle-eyed guards are needed to catch any sneaky thieves? Come explore lines of sight, new representations, and polygon decomposition with MoMath.

This event is being reschedule to November. If you would like to receive an update when the date is determined, please send an email to

While Roundtable targets elementary school educators, the sessions are not tied to school curriculum or grade levels and all educators are welcome to attend. Registration includes dinner.

October 6th, 2017 from  4:00 pm to  6:30 pm
Event Fee(s)
Attending $8.00