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Congratulations on your acceptance as a new research team for television's (second-)best-known show on the history of museums, Enigmas of the Exhibits! As you know, each episode features mysteries hidden within museum exhibits around the world.

On November 5, we feature the National Museum of Mathematics, or MoMath for short. We need you to uncover the whereabouts of MoMath's mysterious founder. As you may have heard, the eccentric professor recently vanished without a trace, but we have reason to believe that he left clues to his disappearance within the exhibits and puzzles he left behind...

Enigmas of the Exhibits: Episode 2016

About Dimensions 2016

Back for its fifth run, the annual Dimensions puzzle hunt at MoMath unites puzzles, mathematics, and problem solving.  Dimensions 2016 is designed by Steven Clontz, assistant professor of mathematics at the University of South Alabama. Steven brings his experience as organizer of many puzzle events aimed at enthusiasts, in addition to several hunts hosted at universities across the country designed to encourage high school students to engage in mathematical problem-solving.

Following the puzzle rounds, Steven will review the puzzles featured in the game. This presentation not only covers the solution to each puzzle, but the area of mathematical research behind each puzzle.

Please note the following important information (read closely!).  Teams must choose from two levels of difficulty based on puzzle-solving experience, not math knowledge: casual or expert.  Teams of three to six players are recommended; your designated team captain will confirm all player names.  Tickets sold individually.  This event is most appropriate for adults, college students, and high school students.  Players may bring in outside food and refreshments.  

Additional gameplay instructions will be provided during the orientation.  Please follow MoMath on Twitter and Facebook for complete enjoyment of the upcoming game.  Email with any questions or to sponsor portions of the event.

This event description is not a puzzle. 

4:00 pm  Registration opens
4:30 pm  Hunt kicks off
8:00 pm  Solutions due
8:00 pm  Presentation: "The Mathematics Behind Enigmas of the Exhibits" with Steven Clontz
8:30 pm  Q&A and awards
9:00 pm  Dismissal

November 5th, 2016 from  4:30 pm to  9:00 pm
Puzzle Hunt at MoMath
National Museum of Mathematics
225 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone: 212-542-0566
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