Mind-Benders for the Quarantined!

Featuring a new puzzle every Sunday

Questions coming out of a head.

MoMath is pleased to announce a new program to keep your minds fresh!  Sign up now for Mind-Benders for the Quarantined! and each Sunday, MoMath will send you a challenging mathematical puzzle from the collection of our own puzzle master, Dr. Peter Winkler.  On Tuesday, you'll receive a subtle hint; on Thursday, a serious push; on Saturday, the solution.  And the next day, of course, a new puzzle.

These puzzles are for your edification, enjoyment, and personal satisfaction.  If you wish, however, you may send your answers and/or complaints to Dr. Winkler at mindbenders@momath.org at any time.  Dr. Winkler won't be able to reply, but he will be happy to benefit from your comments, and will announce a winner (for the most right answers with the least help) when the epidemic is over.

May 3, 2020 10:00 am
MoMath Online
United States